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Atlantis Was My Home

Reader Submission: Past Life Memory

By John

My Past Life Memory: In Atlantis I was at a place where I really felt I was at home. I had friends & people I could trust in me and support me in anything in life. The life in Atlantis was based on spiritual respect and unconditional love. People lived in accordance with the law of one in the brotherhood and sisterhood of Atlantis that had respect, honour and loyalty to one another. In this life I see myself as a healer and teacher. I had many additional gifts within my DNA.

Love and compassionate divinity was one of my gifts in that life when I fell in love. Love was free, flawless and given without judgment. unlike the people of today. Although people were genetically created to look perfect and look beautiful at a physical level, real beauty for me lay at a personality and an emotional level.

I had my own temple home where I lived; it was made out of white marble & light blue granite, the front of temple had support columns that were large, wide and very tall. The temples looked like Ancient Greek & Egyptian style in construction but more creative in science and colour. Each column had inscriptions of the Atlantean language, which was complex and a lot like the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

The Atlantean hieroglyphs were cryptic, they had riddles and real stories but they basically had 3 forms of written languages, one was similar to Phoenician, the other runic, the third was a lot like ancient Sumerian, the hieroglyphic language they possessed was a lot like the Egyptian one but with many differences.

They had mermaids, dolphins, fish, exotic birds, cycad palms, coconut trees, tropical palms, North Folk Island pine trees & Sequoia pines. Olive trees were plentiful and popular back then as today, different from Egypt but similar from their environment.

When a person got seriously injured or if they lost their vision of sight, or if they lost a limb because of an accident they would be taken to a temple and the most advanced healer would be called that would have had hundreds of years experience in healing. Tthey would place their hand on the affected area and recreate, giveing life & balance to the place in their body that was damaged seriously. Like Jesus healed people in past times, the people of Atlantis lived in much the same way as Jesus, they healed with God, respected the laws and gave all people life and knowledge and respect with love and honour.

Atlantis was humanities Heaven on Earth.

Science also worked in conjunction with spiritual laws in their society, nano technology, genetics and DNA sciences, quantum healing, mechanics and all known medical sciences and knowledge were all blended with the philosophical idealism and the practice become the knowledge of the oneness of the universal consciousness of the one creator. Their secret of a better society was through God, we hear him, we also hear the Goddess, we gain all secrets of creation and we create a Utopian world. We have the divinity gene and with this we are the divine and we become part of heaven’s touch on earthly life.

Most of the people that lived in Atlantis were Pleidians but soon other star systems and other galaxies of humans came to Atlantis to learn. For Earth became the centre of all knowledge in the every corner of every star throughout space and time. That is my memory from Atlantis a small portion of what I know.
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