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I Remember Being a Healer in Atlantis

Reader Submission: Past Life Memory


I use the name Atlantis Healer: Sometimes I think it is interesting why we choose names. When I was 33 I did a series of meditations and while I was not looking for past life memories that is exactly what I found. I found deep within me memories of Atlantis and how Atlantis fell. I remembered my parents (whom I do not think I have met in this life time). I remembered a detailed culture with this. I remembered a husband and children. I remember being a healer in Atlantis. Atlantis was destroyed due to the building of a crystal into a laser that was not calculated the strength of what this laser would do. I remember getting onto a boat two days before Atlantis fell. These memories for me were hard to digest. It was difficult for me to accept what I was seeing and feeling in these meditations. So now there it is why I choose Atlantishealer as a name that I use often. To remind me that ego and arrogance can destroy... it can destroy a lot. Pollution begins in the mind according to Grandfather Wallace. Many times I think that we attempt to mess with things that ought not to be messed with like cloning. That is just my personal feeling there.

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