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Spiritual Chakra Meditations

Visualizing White Light


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Visualise pure white light coursing freely like a liquid down through each of the seven main spiritual chakra centres:

Visualise the white light

Visualise the white light coursing like a liquid through the crown chakra. Visualise white light coursing like a liquid through the third eye. Visualise white light coursing like a liquid through the throat chakra. Visualise white light coursing like a liquid through the heart chakra. Visualise white light coursing like a liquid through the solar plexus chakra. Visualise white light coursing like a liquid through the spleen chakra the sexual centre. Visualise white light coursing like a liquid through the root chakra. Visualise your spiritual chakra centres as being a hollow infrastructure, then as each one fills up with liquid white light. The liquid white light coursing into that chakra and as it does use your awakening perception to inhale breath into that chakra. As you perform this visualisation the chakra centre will become warm and in due time hot.

Now that it is hot you will now know that the chakra centre is completely full with white light, and it's time to move on to the following chakra centre.

Most people haven't done this before, so take time to practise this feel and become intuitively aware of the vibration. The white light has a smooth languid sensation as it courses freely through each chakra centre. By now all your chakra centres are full and they should all be coupled into each other, with an influx of white light.

Anchoring yourself into the earth

The roots of a large tree spread deep underground, anchoring the tree into the earth, use your creative visualisation to imagine roots, going down from your body plunging into the depths of the planet and spreading out, just like the roots of that tree. Envision the prominent bulky roots extending downwards below the surface, broadening from the base of your spine. These roots are the essence that will, enable you to draw into your body the positive frequency of the mother earth. You are now beginning to feel the awareness of a reaction from the planet deep below the surface coursing into your space. As this occurs, you visualise the bulky roots that are beginning to entwine with the waters inside the planet's core, these waters represent the unconditional love, healing the rarefied energy of the Earth.

As your roots entwine with the Earth energy use your senses to experience the awareness of unconditional love. Drawing the Earth energy into your roots, visualising the rainbow of colours spreading upwards flowing languidly into your physical body. The colours black and white are what is needed if you consider that both black and white are a continuous distribution of coloured light.

Every colour vibrates at its own aural and visual frequency, whichever colour rises into your physical counterpart, is the healing colour that you need at this time.

Progression in your meditations

As you become more adept at your meditations colours will change as your vibration changes. Working with meditation exercises that entwine us with the Mother Earth gives us strength, entwining with Mother Earth promotes our healing energies that are beneficial for you. This exercise of embedding yourself creates an anchor to Mother Earth before you begin any meditation work.

Anchoring yourself and learning to access white light at the same time

Envision a budding rose still waiting for the impetus of food from Mother Earth. The rose waits patiently for the sun to help it germinate. When you bring down white light through your crown chakra, you entwine with the higher principle that also resonates with the sun. So in essence you become the most central and material part, you become that rose.

Bringing white light down through your crown chakra through the top of your head and you anchor yourself at the same time as you entwine with the essence of the Father's energy of Heaven that is represented by the white light, and the essence of the Energy of Mother Earth.

When you do this you merge the essence of Mother and Father, integrating these energies you are neither male nor female, neither father nor mother. You now consist of two integrated parts of the aspects that are best for you at this particular time.
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