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Magnet Therapy

Magnets are all the rage in alternative healing. Do they work? How do they work? Explore for yourself at these magnetic set of resources.

Controlling Chronic Pain with Magnetic Therapy
Latest research suggests that magnets really do work.

What Magnet Therapy is Like
Review testimonials from people who have experienced magnet therapy. Find out used magnets for therapeutic reasons and magnet therapy and whether or not they were satisfied with the results. Read advice offered from personal perspectives or give your testimonial.See submissions

Magnetic Insoles Provide No Pain Relief
About Walking Guide, Wendy Bumgardner, reports static magnets in comfort insoles have no pain relief effects, although the insole may help - that is the conclusion of a double-blind study published in the September, 2005 issue of "Mayo Clinic Proceedings."

Magnet Therapy: Does It Really Relieve Pain?
From Your About.com Guide to Senior Health - Marian Eure Reports on Magnetic Therapy.

Magnetic Shoes Attract Lawsuit
About Guide to Arthritis, Carol Eustice, reports on lawsuit against Florsheim Group, Inc., for selling MagneForce shoes as a health aid and pain remedy.

Magnet Therapy
Stephen Barrett remains skeptical that small, static magnets can influence the course of any disease. He's from Quackwatch.

Ailments Helped With Magnets
Quite a number of problems helped by magnets and the type of products that seems to be most helpful.

Frequently-Asked Questions
Answers to all the questions you might have. And then to some you might not even considered.

Magnet Therapy Shows Promise
This CNN feature reports that magnets are being considered in the treatment of severe depression

Magnets and Pain - What Causes Pain?
No documentation, but a nice discussion on how magnets are helpful in alleviating pain or bringing it under control.

Magnets Helped Lessen Foot Pain
A preliminary study suggests that magnets really might ease chronic foot pain in some cases.

Magnetic Therapy Health Information Page
Therapeutic magnetic products are being used in the United States and many countries of the world.

Magnet Mania
Charles Downey (WebMD) reports on magnet therapy research.

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