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Declutter for Health

Decluttering Tips and Letting Go Lessons


Discarding useless or unneeded possessions as well as organizing the things you wish to keep will make your space tidy and your emotional body more stable. Is clutter invading your space or adversely affecting your well-being? Here's help! Quick tips for de-cluttering and lessons for "letting go."

Does Clutter Define Your Way of Life?

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed or trapped by the clutter in your life? Living amongst disorder or being surrounded by "things" that crowd your space can have an ill-effect on your health and well-being.

Take this quiz to find out if your messy habits infringing on your happiness or are harming you somehow.

Letting Go Affirmations

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Try these Letting Go Affirmations to help shift your vision and set you onto a path toward a happier life and personal empowerment.

Choose an affirmation that fits you, write it down on a sticky, plaster it onto your bathroom mirror or computer. Recite it at least once daily! Good luck "letting go" and freeing your inner being.

Spring Cleaning Your Chakras

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Chakra blockages are often mirrored by the state of disarray in the various rooms in your home.

  • A messy or disorganized kitchen could reflect a heart chakra imbalance.
  • A cluttered den or home office may indicate mental confusion or lack of focus.
  • A dusty or unorganized master bedroom can affect your love relationship negatively.
  • Grimy window panes may mimic clouded third eye perceptions.
  • An overstuffed attic or dirty rain gutters may be mirroring a blocked crown chakra.

Learning to Let Go


Are you ready to loosen your grip on things which no longer serve you. This five week Letting Go ecourse offers tools and suggestions for freeing your life of anything that might be polluting your human energy field and crowding your physical surroundings. Whether you are clearing out a closet of useless materials, or freeing yourself of emotional baggage... Good Riddance!

Lessons include: Clearing Away Clutter, Forgiveness, Full Moon Release, Breaking Through Road Blocks, and Dealing With Past Regrets and Control Issues.

15 Minute Rule


Assigning yourself a certain amount of time to stay on task each day, such as an hour, or even as little as 15 minutes will help you stay on top of organizing your living space.

A reader who shared this helpful de-clutter tip applies her 15 Minute Rule each day to keep her home in order. Gail says "The trouble with doing the work all in a day is that you will not be able to assign that same amount of energy to this same space for perhaps another year. In 15 minutes a day, everyone can achieve, everyone can feel terrific knowing that they are being consistent and that their goal is achievable."

Set your timer and stay on task!

What About Those Paper Clutter Piles?

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We all have those pesky paper piles of newspapers, magazines, and mail. Paper can multiply so fast it is important to keep them organized right away or you will end up wasting time resorting papers that need only be handled once.

Mental Clutter

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Do you periodically clear your mind of any obsessive thoughts that are overwhelming you? You will likely be bogged down with a serious case of brain drain unless you routinely take the initiative and consciously clear your mind of non-productive thoughts. Lingering thoughts that are hanging around creating a depressive atmosphere creates mental anguish.

How to Simplify Your Life


Follow these how-to steps to help simplify your life. I wrote this step-by-step instruction for sorting through and getting rid of your clutter after I undertook the task of clearing out junk from my life.

If you are ready to face issues and want to move through them, release them, and be able travel along life's path a little freer afterwards, nothing will do it faster than cleaning out a closet! The more we hold onto "useless possessions" the less satisfied we often become. Don't let your STUFF define you.

Organizing Your Closets


Are your closets bulging from being over-stuffed with items? Keeping your clutter tucked away behind closed doors will only work for so long. Eventually, you'll be needing more storage space or be prepared to get rid of stuff. How many winter coats do you need really?

Somethings we do need to hold onto. Having them organized in the tidiest manner possible will help you not feel squeezed by having your stored items in plain sight.

A reader, Linda, suggests having draperies drawn in front of a bookcase to hide a collection of books she can't bear to part with.

Annual Organization of Your Food Pantry

(c) Phylameana lila Desy

I have put together this six step tutorial for doing an annual inventory and re-organization of your pantry. January, right after ringing in the new year, is a good time for doing this.

Keeping your kitchen stocked with the freshest foods will assure the family meals you prepare are the healthiest possible.

Full Moon Release Ritual

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Full Moon is an opportune time of the month for purging rituals to take place. The light the full moon offers illuminates those things that are interfering with our spiritual advancements. Once we have become enlightened to ways that are blocking us, the easier to let go.

The full moon ritual is for releasing or purging the things in our lives that no longer serve us such as addictions to food, drugs, or sex, relinquishing suffering involved in hurtful relationships, discharging physical and emotional pains, etc.

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