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Meanings of the "Clairs"

Four Commonly Known Intuitive Senses


Sixth Sense

Healing Lesson of the Day: Sixth Sense

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Angel intuitive Eileen Smith defines the "Clairs" (senses) that are commonly used for intuiting messages via your sixth sense with help from the angels:

  1. Clairaudience "clear hearing" - You will hear them either audibly or inside your head almost like it's your own voice. For you, you may hear an actual name or a suggestion of a name.
  2. Clairvoyance "clear seeing" - You may see things actually manifest physically. Most, however, just see images in their head almost like a movie playing in their mind. So you may see a symbol or image of their name.
  3. Claircognizant "clear knowing" - You just have a knowing about things. For many strong in this gift it feels like knowledge pours into the top of their heads. For you, you may have a "knowing" of their name.
  4. Clairsentient "clear feeling" - These are the feelers, the empaths. People who have this feel their angels guidance in their bodies and in their heart. So you may feel the vibration of their name or what their name means.
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