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The Power of Having Clear Intentions


Keep Your Eyes on the Ball

Healing Lesson of the Day

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Healers are taught the importance of "intention" in maintaining focus when conducting their healing work. Very important. But, here's the deal. Intention is important in everything we do in life. Having clarity of mind and focused activities drives us to closing in on our goals.

Not having a clear picture of what we want is often the first obstacle in attaining our dreams. We cannot have "intent" if we don't know what we want. Don't worry, I'm not going to ask you what you want to be when you grow up? It is okay not to know what you want to be when you grow up. Earth is a school, we never truly "grow up" or graduate, the lessons here are infinite. Simply focus on one thing as your intent, it doesn't have to be huge or far-reaching.

Intending Long Term Goals

If you have a long term goal you're working toward, great! Try not to allow negative thinking to deter you from your ultimate goal. For example, perhaps you are feeling defeated before you get started because your goal involves a partner, but you have yet to meet the other person who shares your dream. Just keep your eyes (your intent) on the ball. The other player will show up before the end of the game to help you score.

Intending Short Term Goals

Long term goals is not for everyone. Intent is the secret ingredient for attaining even the smallest of achievements with ease. Having a clear intent helps us stay on task doing the things we wish to finish by next week, tomorrow, or even later today. What do you intend to accomplish today? Focus! Let your intent power you.

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