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Holistic Approach To Living

Finding "wholeness" through acknowledging, honoring, and healing all your parts: Mind, Body, Emotion, and Spirit.
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What is Holistic Healing?
Holistic (or wholistic) Healing approaches all parts of the individual, not just the physical aspect of a person.

Basic Holistic Health Checkup
Having an holistic health check up is somewhat different than having a physical by a healthcare provider when your pulse is taken and a tongue depressor is stuck inside your mouth. Holistic care involves evaluating and nurturing all aspects of our bodies, not the physical body alone.

ABC's of Healing - Healing Alphabet
Healing sentiments for every letter of the alphabet.

Holistic Healing E-Courses
Sign up today for About.com's Holistic Healing newsletter and a variety of healing E-Courses.

Healing Haiku
Tell about your healing process through verse.

Holistic Healing Shopping
Gift ideas to help you choose something that will please friends who are spiritual-oriented or live a holistic lifestyle. You might find something you want for yourself too.

Healing On The Fast Track
Mark Foreman, Mandria Healing Co-Founder and Teacher, explains the process of "Subtle Movement Explorations" and "Guided Awareness."

Watson Caring Science Institute
Watson Caring Science Institute is an organization created to help return humanity to patient care in healthcare facilities.

Water Birth Stories
Women share their water birth stories.

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