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Herbal Therapy

Herb directories, educational / instructional herbal resources. herbal recipes preparations & remedies, and wildcrafting (harvesting) plants.. The "individual herbs link" offers a few select herbs for your exploration.
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Harvesting Herbs
Rule for your green thumb.

How to Make Herbal Tinctures
Easy steps for making your own herbal tinctures.

Ayurvedic Herbal Support
Five ayurvedic herbs to complement a balanced life style

Favorite Medicinal Herbs
Purposes and application of medicinal herbs is shared by my readers... you can share too!

Beneficial and Harmful Herbs Used for Losing Weight
The action of certain herbs "trick" the brain into thinking the stomach is full, while others function thermogenically (speed up the body's metabolism).

Herbs for Better Sex Quiz
Test your knowledge about the so called "pleasure herbs" that can boost your libido, increase your vitality, treat sexual dysfunctions, promote fertility, and more!

Jewelweed can also be put into salves, tincture, soaps, and ice cubes for use in treating poison ivy, poison oak, and other skin rashes.

Witch Hazel Herbal Remedies and Applications
Witch hazel is best known for its astringent qualities as a skin toner and facial cleanser, but it has other healing qualities too.

The Amazing Amla Berry
All parts of the Amalaki Tree are used in various ayurvedic herbal preparations offering a wide range of benefits

Celestial Nature of Plants
Article by Veronique Foster - "putting our intent on the celestial nature of plants and their special healing power and virtues"

Hispanic Culinary Herbs for Healing and Health
Chat Transcript of Special Herb Session - Speaker: Curandero

Plantain is famous as a wound healer and an antidote to poisons. I've used the juices from torn up plantain leaves to relieve discomfort associated with bee stings.

Kombucha Journal
Learn everything you'd ever need to know about the kombucha mushroom from this site.

Medicinal Herb FAQ
FAQ outline from Henriette's Herbal Homepage,

Herb World News Online
The Herb Research Foundation will keep you informed about the newest herbal discoveries and tests.

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