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Self help resources for individuals who believe in co-creating their lives. Pull your boots up by their boot straps and push yourself beyond the limitations of FATE.
  1. Affirmations
  2. Co-Create Your Life
  3. Law of Attraction
  4. Developing Your Intuition
  5. Finding Your Bliss
  6. Loving Your Self
  1. You and Your Relationships
  2. Stress Busters
  3. Survival Strategies
  4. Stumbling Blocks
  5. Healing Our Planet


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Positive thinking is even stronger when it is verbalized by our voices. There is definitely power in our words.

Co-Create Your Life

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You're in charge of your own reality. Don't let life pass you by. Get in the game and be a player!

Law of Attraction

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People who are efficient in attracting positives have trained their minds to focus on their desires. Abundance comes to them naturally. They wouldn't blink an eye if someone suggested they don't deserve something, it isn't part of their reality.

Developing Your Intuition

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Everyone is psychic! We all have gut-instincts that help direct us throughout our lives. Your intuition is a muscle that can be flexed and further developed.

Finding Your Bliss


Discovering your life purpose can be as easy as exploring the activities or subjects that you love the most. Happiness is at your core, very much a birthright ripe for the picking. You decide!

Loving Your Self


Love yourself first, and you'll find it easier to love others. Some people believe that you truly cannot love another person UNLESS you first love yourself.

You and Your Relationships

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If you lived on an island life might be easier. Not, really, but that's what you might be thinking if you're experiencing problems in a relationship. Whether the issue is with a parent, sibling, BFF, or lover, here are some articles to help guide you through the difficulties you're having.

Stress Busters

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It is beneficial to seek out ways to de-stress our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Are you able to identify your stressors?

Survival Strategies

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A lifetime is mixture of joys and troubles. Lessons are often learned through the mistakes we make. Other times we have no control over the hand that is dealt to us.

Stumbling Blocks


Difficult life circumstances can happen to anyone. Admittedly, our own actions can bring about strife or conflict. Our behaviors are not always the best. Bad choices can stir up a mess. Although a situation you may find yourself caught in is uncomfortable or troubling try not to mistakenly make a mountain out of mole hill. Think about it, if life truly is a classroom full of lessons, we can't all be expected to ace the pop quizzes that get handed out. Just keep trying to do your very best as you journey forward.

Healing Our Planet

Earth healing

Mother Earth is our home. Her preservation is important for generations to come. She has been neglected and abused and is in much need of our care and healing. Offered here are a variety of planetary preservation resources.

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