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Taking a holistic approach helps to create a balance in your personal life, family relationships, community activities, and work environment. Here are a few basics intended to help you as you begin or continue your trek toward a healthier lifestyle.
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How To Articles

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Collection of articles to help guide you in your quest to live a more spiritual and holistic life style. 

Being in Balance

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The ultimate goal in attaining overall wellness is bringing and maintaining balance in your life. It is when we are imbalanced that everything goes awry.

Healing Techniques


Are you in need of physical healing, emotional calm, mental well-being, or spiritual fulfillment? Choose from a wide variety healing techniques that suit your needs best.

Find a Healer

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Listings of holistic health directories and registry indexes for Reiki practitioners, wellness centers, spiritual healers, workshop instructors, etc. in the field of alternative and complementary medicine.

Chakras and Chakra Healing

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The chakras and chakra healing is a complex subject. These energy vortexes serve an important role in helping to nourish the physical body, support our emotional fluxes, enable our mental capabilities, and grow our consciousness to higher levels.

Divination Systems / Divining Tools

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Choose from a variety of divination systems. Each future mapping system (tarot, astrology, tea leaf reading, I Ching, dowsing, palmistry, rune casting, etc.) has its own unique tools.

Healthy Relationships


Major life lessons will often surface within relationships. Learn how to establish fulfilling relationships with your partner, friends, family members, neighbors, and work associates.

Growing Your Holistic Business

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Business building resources for holistic healing practitioners: networking, advertising, client-healer relationships, education/career opportunities, etc.

Online Community

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Meet up with kindred spirits. This is the place where like-minded seekers and students from all walks of life congregate to explore a variety of wellness topics including holistic health, spirituality, simple living, self empowerment. and much more. Holistic healers are able to network with one another and share healing knowledge and treatment techniques.

Pictorials / Galleries

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It has been said that our eyes are the windows to the soul. If this is true then images are eye-candy that nourish the soul. Photos are an excellent teaching tool used in feeding us knowledge.

Quiz Central


Give your responses in a variety of healing related quizzes. These interactive quizzes are not only educational and informative, but are a fun diversion. Enjoy!



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