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Readers share their personal stories, opinions, photos, testimonials, reviews, and more. You can give your input too!
  1. Animal Stories
  2. Flowers and Herbs
  3. Healing Approaches
  4. Healing Rituals
  5. Inspirational Stories
  6. Intuitive Consultation Stories
  7. Health Concerns / Self Care
  8. Healing Advice, Tips, and Suggestions
  9. Opinion Posts
  1. Past and Future
  2. Photo Submissions
  3. Product Reviews
  4. Reiki Conversations
  5. Relationships
  6. Self Helps
  7. Spiritual Matters
  8. Talk About Rocks
  9. Therapy Testimonials

Animal Stories

Our pets and the wildlife around us are an important aspect of the lives we lead. Readers share stories about their animal companions and spirit guides.

Flowers and Herbs

Readers tell about their experiences using flower essences and medicinal herbs.

Healing Approaches

Readers share the paths they have undertaken in their personal lives. If it worked for them, it could work for you!

Healing Rituals

Readers tell about their ritual experiences. Among them include sweat lodges, labyrinths, prayerful ways, and more.

Inspirational Stories

These stories will make your heart soar, inspire, or at the very least, bring a smile to your face.

Intuitive Consultation Stories

Readers tell the Good, Bad, and Ugly, details about psychic readings and spiritual consultations they have had. Psychic readers also share their perspectives from a consultant point of view.

Health Concerns / Self Care

Readers talk about their challenges of hurting or feeling out of balance. Stories about healing and recovery.

Healing Advice, Tips, and Suggestions

Sometimes a simple tip or hint can help someone else who is struggling or ready to take the next step. If you have a suggestion to make, please do.

Opinion Posts

Readers love to share their opinions about many subjects. Here are a few.

Past and Future

Readers talk about past lives, childhood memories, how to go about healing past hurts and looking to the future.

Photo Submissions

Photos can often tell a story better than text. Readers can submit photos to be featured in a some of my healing galleries or possibly chosen as Healing Photo of the Week.

Product Reviews

Readers give reviews of various healing products (movies, books, healing tools, etc.).

Reiki Conversations

Reiki communities are vast among my readership. With so many different Reiki paths it is good to keep the dialog open. Readers share ideas, opinions, and experiences.


Readers share about about their relationships and the important people in their lives.

Self Helps

Readers tell about the things that have helped them overcome obstacles and get back on the healing track.

Spiritual Matters

Stories about soul paths, angels, unseen forces, and more.

Talk About Rocks

Crystal therapy is a popular topic among my readers. They like to share their favorite gemstones, how they use them, and how they clean them.

Therapy Testimonials

Readers are invited to give testimonial stories detailing their personal experiences with over forty different alternative medicine and holistic therapies.

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