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A to Z Gemstones

Find out what spiritual and healing properties are associated with your favorite crystals and gemstones.

Chalky stone that is an emotional healer and also assists meditation.

Amber is unique because it is actually a resin, rather than a hard crystal.

The amethyst is probably the most-beloved violet-colored crystal. It comes in a variety of hues from the lightest lavender to a rich dark purple.

This is one stone that many use when trying to stay on diets, as it helps to curb the appetite.

As you might imagine, the name of this stone invokes a strong image, veins of blood-red embedded in black rock.

Calcite is classified as a "magnifier" among the crystal family.

Citrine crystal emulates the sun, offering optimism and light to whoever wears it.

Cobaltocalcite, or Sphaerocobaltite, can be used like a battery to recharge your life energies.

Red coral is a gift from the sea, it has a water element to its healing properties.

Diamonds are reflections of the white light, what could be better than that?

Green cleaner! Emerald crystal discharges any negative energies that is polluting your aura.

The absorption quality of fluorite makes this crystal an excellent energy shield.

A lightening strike upon rock or sand forms a fulgurite. What an interesting stone!

Geodes can help you to see the whole picture and helps with coming to a decision before things get out of hand

Take iolite with you during your astral travels, it will open your intuitive powers.

Jade attracts prosperity, wealth, and love. This stone is among my top ten favorites!

Kyanite is desirable in the healing community because of its chakra alignment ability.

Lapis lazuli is a mind healer. It gives voice to your reasoning capabilities.

Lepiodolite is a "light-finder" assisting your communications with spirit guides and angels.

The malachite stone is a transitional stone, perfect for assisting change.

Moonstone is an emotional healer because of its balancing-energies.

Opal is considered to be one of the seven sacred stones of the Cherokee people.

Petersite helps by increasing ones clarity of presentation and improving ones public speaking skills.

Petrified Wood
Petrified wood can assist anyone struggling with "stuck energies" to move forward.

One of several effective grounding stones, pietersite can give you lift-off in your astral travels.

Rose Quartz
Healer of heartbreak and other emotional wounds, wear a rose quartz pendant around your neck so that it rests upon your chest.

Ruby strengthens both the physical and emotional heart. It brings love, confidence, loyalty, and courage.

September birthstone is the blue sapphire, but did you know sapphires also come in orange, green, pink, yellow, and white?

Serpentine is good choice of stone to use for enhancing the meditative state, associated with kundalini awakenings.

Sodalite crystal can help alleviate your anxieties and boost your self esteem.

Tanzanite is a perfect choice as a gift for young seekers, it will help open their eyes to metaphysical wonders.

Tiger Eye
Tiger eye, best known as a lucky amulet, is definitely a keeper. If you don't have one in your medicine pouch yet, please do!

Topaz properties vary according to color, golden, champagne, blue, or clear.

The tourmaline, aka the rainbow gemstone, is often a healer's first choice as a chakra balancing tool.

Turquoise is wonderful for drawing out negative vibrations from a person.

Turritella Agate
Turritella agates are respected among the ancients because of their spiritual purpose, recording earth changes and past history.

White Opal
White Opal brings a great deal of energy to your body and helps you get more done. It charges you so to speak, making you more productive.

Yellow Jasper
Yellow jasper is associated with the solar plexus chakra and the instincts that reside there.

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