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Flower Essence Remedies for Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty Nest Remedies


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Empty Nest Syndrome is a real condition. When a child leaves home the whole family dynamic changes. It is not always easy for those who are left behind to transition into a new way of life. A parent may have difficulty letting go emotionally and could experience a period of sadness and loneliness. This is normal, but when sadness continues to overshadow your quality of life it is time to look for support.

Break Free from Loneliness

Incorporating the use of specific flower essences can help ease feelings of loss or sadness associated with empty nest.

Empty Nest Essences

  • Bleeding Heart - This remedy is helpful during the cutting-the-apron-strings phase between parent and child. Bleeding Heart heals hurts associated with heartache. It helps a person emotionally detach or release any feelings of possessiveness in their relationships.

  • Sagebrush - Transformative flower essence that supports detachment of old patterns and bolsters actions toward new pathways. It clears away energies that are no longer needed. For the empty-nester sagebrush can help create an energy shift into a new phase of life.

  • Chamomile - Chamomile is a soothing agent. It helps a person release tensions and anxieties associated with emotional imbalances. This remedy is especially helpful in the early stages of empty nest syndrome, when feelings are raw. It helps to stabilize emotional stresses and temper mood swings.

  • Red Chestnut - Remedy for the excessive worrier. Red chestnut flower essence gives calm and inner peace. This remedy is suggested for the obsessive parent who continually anticipates problems for the child who is attempting to make a life away from the nest.

  • Mariposa Lily - Mariposa lily is typically an essence for treating the emotional hurts felt by an abandoned child or inner child. But, it can also help treat the parent who feels abandoned when a child leaves home. Mariposa lily can help mothers (and fathers) heal their feelings of loss of the familiar family status. This essence promotes acceptance and self love, allowing the same unconditional love and caring a parent has generously poured upon a child to now be focused on the self.

  • Walnut - Walnut flower essence offers strength and courage. This remedy helps a person through the transformation when the family dynamic is undergoing change. Walnut helps individuals break through strongly held ideas and make way for a new path to be undertaken.

  • Cayenne - Cayenne is very therapeutic in helping people overcome lethargy. For the empty nester who feels ready to move in a new direction but needs a push cayenne is an excellent catalyst.

Balance is a gift that flower essences offer. They assist us in creating gentle energy shifts, easing any imbalances back into check.

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