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What Does it Mean to be Hypersensitive?


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Being hypersensitive could be described as being allergic to life. For the highly sensitive person (HSP) a seemingly ordinary day can be overwhelming. Even the most subtle of stimulants a person encounters on a daily basis can be over-stimulating. Energies associated with touch, noise, scent, light, etc. are often too quickly or deeply absorbed by the HSP. As a result, the HSP may become mentally confused, emotionally upset, and/or physically uncomfortable. Hypersensitivity is also associated with a heightened sense of awareness and intuition. This makes being a HSP or empath a two-way street.

Help for the Highly Sensitive Person

Life can become manageable for the HSP. There are a number of ways the HSP can protect himself from harmful energies that interfere with the joys life can offer. Although avoidance may seem like the best response, it really is the worst action to take. Becoming a recluse, choosing to avoid encountering harmful stimuli is not the answer. The point of living on the planet is to evolve your soul/personality. Spiritual growth is nearly impossible to do without involvement and contact with other people. This means that anyone with a sensitive nature must learn how to survive out in the world amidst energies (or energy drains) that are problematic to them. Anything that is absorbed by the body or psyche may cause havoc to anyone. But, to the HSP, the risk is much higher. Whatever is eaten, breathed in, absorbed through the skin, or even picked up by the aura or remains lingering in the human energy field may bring about an adverse effect. The HSP will quickly learn which foods, scents, and people cause symptoms of unease.

Shielding and Self Protection

Self protection and shielding are tools that help make living among harmful stimulants.

Sensitivity to Foods and Smells

Luckily, everyone has control over what food is eaten. Identifying troublesome foods and eliminating foods from your diet can be accomplished through diet modification. Scents, on the other hand, are not as easily avoided. Perfumes and scented cleansers are commonly known irritants, but there are many more chemical-based products we are exposed to on a daily basis that can be harmful to the hypersensitive individual.

Healers and Hypersensitivity

A healer with empathic tendencies can use this ability as a diagnostic tool, helping him to better relate to the symptoms and pain of his clients. An empathic healer is trained to recognize the pain he takes on is temporary and will quickly release it once he has gathered the useful information.
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