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Does Drinking Water Help Prevent Acne?

Myth or Truth


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Question: Will drinking eight glasses of water each day keep my face clear?

Answer: The answer is no. Drinking water sounds good in theory, which is likely why the belief that our bodies need eight glasses of water daily continues to perpetuate. But the idea that drinking eight glasses of water is essential for having clear skin and good health is not accurate. This widely accepted reasoning has been debunked by the scientific community because there is no evidence to back it up.

Drink When You're Thirsty

In a video clip posted on CBS News Web site, Dr. Stanley Goldfarb (one of the researchers from the University of Pennsylvania who agrees that the eight glasses a day theory is bunk) states, "If you're thirsty, drink, if you're not thirsty, you needn't drink."

Factors that Contribute to Acne

Factors that can affect acne outbreaks include stress, hormone imbalances, and digestive disorders.

Drinking Water is Still Important

Since we don't have to keep track of our daily water consumption or feel guilty for not drinking enough water this doesn't mean water should be eliminated from our diets. It is still important to drink water. Water is one of the four basic elements afterall. Obviously, for anyone desiring a healthier diet, water would be the preferred beverage choice over caffeinated drinks or high-fructose sodas. Go ahead and reach for the water bottle or turn on the water faucet to treat yourself to a refreshing glass of water whenever you're thirsty.

Note: If your primary concern is dehydration it is important not to neglect your body's exterior needs. You might like to explore different types of facial treatments to moisturize your face and skin.


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