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Are benefits in Korean citrine tea the same as in a citrine gemstone?


Reader Question: I was reading your article about the gemstone Citrine. There is a Korean tea called Citrine. I was wondering if the two correlate in anyway? In other words, can I get the same benefits by drinking the tea that I can if I had the stone? ~ j.b.

Answer: Hello j.b. No connection. I believe you are referring to Korean Citron Tea, also known as Yuja Tea. It is a tea made from the Yuja fruit (citron), honey, and water as a remedy for colds and flu.

If you are looking to drink a citrine remedy, you could consider making a citrine crystal elixir. Place the crystal in a glass of water (purified or spring), allowing the water to be charged with the healing properties housed within the gemstone. Obviously, you will want to take special precaution not to swallow the stone, or remove the crystal before drinking. Also, cleanse gemstones before using them to make your elixirs.

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