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Crystal Therapy

Gemstone glossaries, therapeutic properties of various rocks, cleansing and charging crystals, resources helpful in choosing the right healing stone for your purpose.
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  7. Shopping for Crystals (16)
  8. Ways to Use Crystals (23)

What is Crystal Therapy?
Holistic healers utilize the spiritual and healing properties in gemstones and crystals to bring about balance and wellness for themselves and for their clients. You can intuitively choose what crystals are appropriate for you.

Popular Healing Gemstones
There are literally hundreds of different types of stones. Listed here are ten popular gemstones that have wonderful healing energies.

Crystal Healing Properties
Are you wanting an energy boost, need an assist in grounding, or looking for a manifesting tool? Here is help in choosing the right healing crystal for your purpose. Below are common healing properties found in crystals. No gemstone has a singular purpose, multiple healing qualities are housed within a single stone. However, some stones have earned a reputation to be especially helpful in certain…

What Does it Mean When You Are Attracted to a Particular Gemstone?
Help understanding why you favor certain crystals over others.

Rose Quartz Meditation
The love energy of this heart-centered meditation is soothing and energizing. Feel free to read it out loud into your tape-recorder and experience it for yourself by listening to the healing words in your sacred space.

Natural Teething Relief for Babies
Amber necklaces are worn for natural relief of teething pain in babies.

Gold or Silver?
Choosing gold or silver goes beyond the color choice. They each effect the healing and spiritual properties of gemstones differently.

Crystal Therapy: Books
Favorite healing texts about gemstones and using crystals for healing

Affirmative Healing
Toni Silvano, Reiki Master and certified aromatherapist describes the steps she takes while facilitating a healing session using both Reiki and crystal therapy. She calls this energywork modality "Affirmative Healing."

Are Benefits in Korean Citrine Tea the same as in a Citrine Gemstone?
Reader Questions: Can I get the same benefits by drinking the tea that I can if I had the stone?

My Chrysocolla Crystal Oversoul Attunement
Personal story about an motional crystal therapy session and opening up to personal vulnerabilities.

Love Stones
Stones to carry for help with love and forgiveness

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