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Balancing the Chakras


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  1. Chakra Basics
  2. Healing Your Chakras
  3. Primary and Secondary Chakras
  4. Chakra Meditations and Exercises
  1. Chakra Jewelry and Art
  2. Gemstones and Chakras
  3. Chakra Balancing Therapies

Chakra Basics

Learn what chakras are, how they function, and why the health of your chakras is important to your overall well-being.

Healing Your Chakras

There are a variety of techniques you can use to evaluate and align your chakras through energy healing, working with chakra balancing tools, and self awareness.

Primary and Secondary Chakras

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There are seven primary chakras. Sometimes an eighth primary chakra is taught which are also called the human energy field or aura. There are multiple secondary chakras in our bodies as well as chakras in animals. There are also planetary chakras.

Chakra Meditations and Exercises


Collection of meditations and exercises you can use to bring balance to your chakras and nourish your energy body.

Chakra Jewelry and Art

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Artwork that depicts the chakras is not only beautiful but can also ignite a healing path. It is also inspiring how artists interpret what chakras look like.

Gemstones and Chakras

Laying on of Stones

Many gemstones and crystals are aligned with one or more chakras. A good rule of thumb in choosing what gemstone to use is to use color coding. For example pink and green stones are usually aligned with the heart chakra. Purple and violet stones such as amethyst, sugilite, fluorites are aligned with the brow or third eye chakra.

Chakra Balancing Therapies

Chakra Massage

Many energy-based and other types of healing therapies involve clearing and balancing the chakras and auri field in general. Listed here are a few.

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