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How to Launch Your Holistic Business


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Banish Those Energy Vampires!
Banish Energy Vampires

Banish Energy Vampires

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You know what I mean, right? Energy Vampires are people who attach themselves to you and drain you of your life force every day; So-called friends (or even sometimes partners) who drain you and demand your time; and are incredibly negative about you, judge all your actions and belittle your ideas.

Action Step: Believe in Yourself!

Face the fear that you might have to lose somebody’s approval to follow your heart and make your dreams come true. If there is someone who is draining your energy in your, then as painful as it may be you need to face this reality. You may need to let it go or find another way to deal with the issue, either by speaking with this person, or spending less time in their company. Just become conscious and notice your energy from no one. You should intuitively know what steps to take to stay in your power.
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