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Can the Angels Help Me with My Intuition?

Ask an Angel Intuitive


Reader Question: I’m having a hard time in my life, and don’t understand why. Can the Angels help me with my intuition?

Christopher's Response: Archangel Gabriel is an excellent Angel to call upon when you’re having trouble understanding the nature of your situation. Gabriel is the angel of inner knowing, and can help you expand your intuition to sense the Angels, and to receive your own answers to questions.

Archangel Gabriel helps refine your intuition so you can attune to receive guidance through all of the senses: inner hearing, seeing, sensing, feeling, knowing, and even smelling.

As your third eye opens, you’ll see only more divine order, more grace, more love behind everything around you, every action, every circumstance. Even those that involve pain, suffering, grief, and loss. Divine order is at the core of all things, as is Divine grace and divine presence. Archangel Gabriel connects you with this angelic vision and angelic perspective.

You can use this prayer to call in Gabriel’s assistance:

Archangel Gabriel, help my intuition to open. Help my third eye to be at ease, to relax, to be simple, to be innocent. Archangel Gabriel I welcome you to work directly with my third eye, sixth chakra, intuitive center. I welcome you to help me see Divine Order in my life. I welcome you to show me the way that will bring about the highest good for all concerned.

Now, feel within yourself whatever level of willingness, openness, is appropriate you. Welcome Gabriel directly with your third eye, and allow Gabriel to bring loving, healing energy to your third eye between your eyebrows. Allow this energy to flow all the way through this chakra back to its base in the medulla area, the primitive thoughts center, liberating, clearing, cleaning, and refreshing. It’s very important to keep the breath flowing, it allows Prana or energy to flow all through your chakra system. Allow whatever perceptions come to you to be received, without judgment. You may wish to ask specific questions and experiment with automatic writing in your journal.

It is important to realize that crisis and difficulty are often followed by expansion and new opportunity. Archangel Gabriel, the Angel of Annunciation to Mary before the conception of Jesus, will announce the coming of new spiritual life in a more general sense as well. Gabriel is the Angel of the word of creation. Archangel Gabriel can help you to tune in, to sense and feel what new purpose spirit has for you. Call upon Archangel Gabriel to help prepare you for your next expansion of the soul, which will inevitably come on the heels of this challenging time. Remember that the Angels are always ready and willing to help you; you simply need to ask!

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Disclaimer: Christopher Dilts shares insights derived from intuitive communications. Any advice he offers is not meant to override your personal health providers' recommendations/prescriptions, but is intended to offer a higher perspective on your question from the Angels
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