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Are My Angels With Me?

Ask an Angel Intuitive


Reader Question: I have had a rough time the past five years. I was diagnosed with Neurosarcoidosis. My father passed away. My best friend's father committed suicide. I have had many challenges financially, physically and emotionally. I guess my main question is will I have improvement in my life and are my angels with me? How many? And, what are their names? ~Terry

Answer: Dear Terry, You have two Guardian Angels with you and can call upon them for assistance at any, and all, times. Your Guardian Angels are also supported by teams of other Angels who are there to help you. Each Angel has one or more special attributes and brings their special qualities to you when you can most use them.

Your two Guardian Angels both have a more feminine presence than masculine. While Angels don't actual have a gender, the qualities they embody do feel either more feminine or masculine, to us. I am going to encourage you to practice calling upon them in short meditations - even 5 minutes or so will really help you to connect with them. I do not have their permission to tell you what I hear as their names - they do want you extend yourself a bit!

Be assured that your Angels are with you and that you will have improvement in how you feel and in how your perceive yourself. You are asked to move deeply into forgiveness, acceptance and compassion for yourself and the people important to you. You will be happier in the future. Remember that your Guardian Angels can show you the shortest and fastest path to recovery and back to joy.

Our Angels often come to us, or more accurately, we often come to them, during our 'dark night of the soul." Why is this? It is because pain increases our willingness to drop all other distractions and focus solely on our inner self - our soul. At times, for some us, there may little left in our lives to focus on other than our soul and healing during a difficult and dark time.

Loss strips us of our illusions, and, when we come to what seems to be the end of our personal resources, we reach beyond our ourselves and ask for divine assistance. We ask for help, simply, sincerely, and without any pretense. It is when we become willing to reach beyond ourselves that our perceptions shift and we can see the true, unconditional love and acceptance that our Angels embody. They are always with us and ready to help us - it is for us to accept their help and act in accordance with it.

Your Angels will help you shift your thoughts, your perception and your feelings into more positive and life affirming intentions. They will help you to improve your inner life and the results will then flow automatically into your outer life. They will help you to improve your health and your life.

Terry, I know you asked a simple question and were not expecting homework! Well, your Angels really do want you learn more about them so that you can work more effectively with them. Your conscious participation really will help them to help you.

I am also going to recommend a book that will help you right now - it is short, powerful, easy to read and has CD as well that you can listen too: I Can do it! by Louise Hay. It is available everywhere for about $12.00.

Best Wishes and All Angel Blessings!

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Disclaimer: Christopher Dilts shares insights derived from intuitive communications. Any advice he offers is not meant to override your personal health providers' recommendations or prescriptions, but is intended to offer a higher perspective on your question from the Angels
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