1. Religion & Spirituality

Snake Totem

Symbolizes Death and Rebirth


Meanings and Messages: renewal (shedding old skin), sexuality, higher knowledge, time of transition
Snake Totem

Snake Totem

The snake holds significant symbolism in many cultures, Indian, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Native Americans, and others. Depending on your heritage or spiritual leanings the meaning of snake as a totem will vary. In general the snake is representative of wisdom and rebirth. When snake appears as a totem you can expect a transition or spiritual awakening to take place. Notice how the snake looks. Is the snake coiled in slumber or are its fangs exposed and ready to attack? Is the snake shedding or preparing to shed its skin? A coiled snake usually symbolizes an awakening will happen. A snake ready to bite could indicate a need for you to defend your territory or personal beliefs. A snake shedding is representative of a death, usually a symbolic death, which will create a space for a new birthing to occur.
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