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Scorpion Totem

Death and Rebirth


Meanings and Messages: transformation, self-protective, hermit qualities, independent, mystical nature, discernment, secretive
Scorpion Totem


The sting of a scorpion is feared and rightly so, it is rarely deadly but can cause pain or temporary paralysis. As a totem the sighting of a scorpion can be a warning of potential harm or the need for self-protection. The scorpion is very adept at self-preservation. Also, a scorpion sighting can be a reminder to be careful not to inflict pain or suffering onto others. Scorpion energy is very strong, anyone endowed with it can be less than understanding of people with weaker dispositions. But, the scorpion person can learn compassion and become a strong defender of others. The scorpion totem will often reveal your strengths and weaknesses. Are you cloaked in a hard shell that is difficult for anyone to penetrate? If, so then perhaps you will want to let your guard down and soften a bit. Or, are you a defenseless softy that needs toughing up? These are the questions scorpion totem asks.

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