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Mouse Totem

Teaches Focus


Meanings and Messages: dreamer, distraction, confusion, inconsistency, lack of focus
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Mouse Totem

Mouse, small but mighty, the sight of a mouse in the house can make an adult person jump onto a chair screaming "Mouse!" How silly. Mice will leave you alone, they will not attack you unless provoked. Mice are content to make their homes just about anywhere warmth and food is readily available. They will inhabit abandoned bird nests, or crawl into fallen logs. Mice also are commonly found in the barn, where bins of corn and hay are stored. Every child has been read the story of the country mouse visiting the city mouse. Remember? Mice will also nestle into crates filled with paper or clothing stored in your garage or attic. Untidy pantries and kitchen cabinets are a happy haven for mice. They can easily fit through the smallest of cracks or crevices. Keep those crumbs picked up or you will certainly attract a family of mice to take up residence in your home.

Mice are messy housekeepers and are especially attracted to places that are filled with clutter. As a totem the mouse teaches the importance of keeping order. If a mouse is living in your home, ask yourself if you have lost focus, experiencing mental overload or are in a state of confusion. The mouse is also a dreamer who is easily distracted. The mouse will quickly dart from place to place when confused. Are you scampering about life without a purpose? Mouse generally keeps hidden during the day and creeps out during the night.

Mouse people tend to burn the midnight lamps. They live on meager means. A mouse is a creature drawn to comfort. They are not necessarily drawn to riches or luxurious living. The mouse is also the spirit keeper of the southern direction or fire quadrant of the Native American medicine wheel.

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