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Horse Totem



Messages and Meanings: momentum, air element, joy, expansion
Horse Totem

Horse Totem

Horse totem is associated with the element of air because of its swift movement. Visualize a horse galloping across the horizon with its mane flowing freely to get in touch with wind energy. There are many different types of horses. Work horses, race horses, recreational horses. Depending on what type of horse presents itself the lesson horse offers will vary.

All horses represent journey, the horse is not happy fenced in, it is happiest running. A race horse teaches the joy of speed and prompts momentum in your goals and initiatives. A work horse teaches the fruits of labor. It is the plow horse that helps to cultivate the soil that grows our crops. A carriage horse teaches us to pull away from our comfort zones and to travel to new places. A horse that is ridden offers companionship and shared joy of the ride. A stud, or stallion. represents the wild masculine energies that urge us to expand our horizons.

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