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Elephant Totem



Messages and Meanings: powerful, sacredness, symbolism, heightened sense of smell, versatility, loyalty
Elephant Totem

Elephant Totem

The elephant totem has a strong presence with a variety of different lessons. Socially, elephants tend to live in two groups broken by gender. The bulls are isolated from the female herds except during the mating season, roaming the countryside with their bachelor buddies. The females band together with their calves. There is usually an elder crone cow who leads the pack. Are you spending enough quality time with the same-sex members of your family?

When the elephant totem appears it can be an indication of sexuality or fertility influences. Libido is significantly powerful among these great giants with raging hormones.

The trunk is an elephant's primary tool. The trunk is used for performing multiple tasks including feeding, showering, and labor. It can also be used as a weapon when the elephant attacks or defends itself. When elephant shows itself you should look to see if you are utilizing all of your natural tools and talents. Elephant teaches us that we already have the means to complete many tasks.

Heightened sense of smell from the trunk allows the elephant to "see" the world as a fragrant place. Ted Andrews suggests that anyone with elephant totems explore aromatherapy. Open yourself to incense and essential oils as tools to awaken your own senses.

Big ears may very well represent the need to listen. Turn up the volume to hear the voices around you. There is much wisdom to hear.

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Reference: Animal Speak, Ted Andrews

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