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Symbol of Fertility and Sexuality


Meanings and Messages: sacrifice, sun power energies, optimism, birth


The chicken and cock symbolize the yin-yang balance of male and female energies. Together they represent fertility and sexuality. Chicken eggs have been historically used in rituals as fertility symbols. Chickens, longtime domesticated, are a stable of food in households. For this reason chickens also represent nutrition and substenance. When chicken or rooster visits the significance may very well have to do with your sexuality or hormone issues. Ask yourself if your yin is in balance with your yang. Everyone carries a mixture of masculine and feminine within them. How comfortable are you with your sexuality and relationships? Could you be gentler or more nurturing? Or, perhaps you have been sitting on the sidelines being silent for too long and really need to be show your dominant side and shout out a Cock-a-Doodle Do.

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