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Animal Totems

Animal totems, animal divination, and animal spirit guide galleries, and more.
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  2. Animal Divination
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  4. Animal Stories (6)
  5. Animal Totem Gallery (3)
  6. Discover Your Animal Totems (7)
  7. Dolphins
  8. Interspecies Communication
  9. Medicine Wheel Animals (3)
  10. Mystical Totems (5)
  11. Totem Market Place (3)

Animal Totems
Animal totems offer spiritual guidance. To best understand the lessons conveyed by animals that show up in our lives involves us learning their instinctual behaviors and natural habitats. Is the animal noctournal? Does it live in the desert or the tropics? Is the animal solitary or live in a pack? What type of diet do they eat? Answers to these...

Magickal Totems
Mystical creatures and mythological figures have spiritual significance and do play a messenger role for some people.

Animal Totem Photos
Photo gallery of animals. Gives brief meanings and messages for each totem displayed in the gallery.

Visitations from Animal Spirit Guides
Have you been visited by an animal spirit in a dream, vision, or in reality?

Mystical Creatures as Messengers
When you are drawn to a particular mystical creature like a unicorn or dragon this may indicate a deeper meaning.

Winged Spirits
Friday Focus Installment where I talk fondly of our Quaker parrot, Shamrock. The focus is about winged beings (birds, butterflies, bats, angels, faeries, and more).

Desert Totems
Desert Totems

Prairie Totems
Prairie Totems

Arctic Totems
Arctic Totems

Forest Totems
Animals that live in the forest or woodland regions represent freedom and innocence. Woodland totems are strongly connected to the energies of green plants and trees.

Bear Totems
Bears in general teach us to slow down and reserve our energies. Bear medicine also has to do with awakening from within. Bear teaches us that life's answers are no further than your own subconscious. There is no need to look outside of yourself when bear is nearby. Bears are also climbers and can teach us to reach new heights.

Ocean Totems
Ocean Totems share two characteristics: water element and salt. Water energies invoke flow and emotion. Natural sea salt is used to bring out flavors in the foods we eat and can also be used as a healing agent in mouth gargles and saline washes.

Humans are also primates, but in this animal totem index only apes and monkeys are featured. Human nature is easily seen in the characteristics and habits of monkeys and apes. We love to watch their behaviors because they remind us so much of ourselves.

Cat Totems
Cat Totems

Barnyard Totems
The pets who live with us and also domesticated animals from the farm have spiritual lessons to teach us. Domesticated animal totems have been fondly portrayed in many children stories. How can we forget Mother Goose, Old MacDonald, or Charlotte's Web?

Insect Totmes
Insects normally live in colonies and teach the importance of working within a team. Is your ego in check? Primary message for anyone with an insect totem is that the individual is not as important as the collective. Insects are survivalists and adapt to change very well and can assist you during transitional periods. Although insects are small...

Reptiles as Totems
Reptiles as totems in general are wise teachers. Their bodies are covered with scales, offering a lesson in the importance of shielding from outside influences. When they shed their skins they are teaching us to let go or discard the past and evolve through birthing new ideas.

Bird Totems
Birds are a common spirit totem for people to connect with. Look up to the skies or tree branches overhead to see if there is a feathered friend near you with a special message.

Animal Totems
The topic of animal totems is being discussed by some of our members.

Savanna Totems
Savanna totems are represented by the animals who live in tropical grassland areas, typical regions are found in Africa and South America.

Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards
Pictorial of divination deck that calls upon the wisdom of over forty animals from the wild.

Messages from Fox Totem
Collection of stories about spirit visitations and messages from fox.

Owl Visitations, Guidance, and Sightings
Collection of stories about owl visitations and dreaming of owls.

spirit hawk visitations
Collection of stories about spirit visitations and messages from hawk.

Messages from Eagle Totem
Collection of stories about spirit visitations and messages from soaring eagles.

Bear Visitations, Guidance, and Sightings
Collection of stories about spirit bear visitations and dream messages from bear.

Wolf Visitations, Guidance, and Sightings
Collection of stories about spirit visitations and messages from wolf.

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