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Angels in the Movies

Films Depicting Angels and Miracles


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Favorite inspirational films about angels and miracles. Also listed here are some helpful teaching videos that have been produced to help us communicate with angels.

1. Touched by an Angel - A Christmas Miracle

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This video features two seasonal episodes from the TV series "Touched by an Angel" starring Roma Downey and Della Reese.
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2. It's A Wonderful Life

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This classic film featuring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed is my all time favorite Christmas movie. Who can't fall in love with Clarence, the guardian angel assigned to helping the character George Bailey who is struggling with difficult times.
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3. Michael

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You can't get any more sentimental about angels than having John Travolta appear as one pie-eating and dirty-dancing archangel smack in the middle of Iowa. Simply delightful movie.
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4. City of Angels

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Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage are reason enough for me to want to watch this movie again and again. The heartfelt storyline is of an angel that chooses to fall from his angel status (choosing human life over eternity) in his desire to be with a girl he's in love with.
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5. You Can Speak With Angels

This video features interviews with "angel communicators" who share their experiences and tips on how to talk to an angel.
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6. Heaven Can Wait

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This movie is about a professional football player is sent to heaven before his time by an overzealous angel. He is sent back to Earth in another body. The storyline is comedic and heart touching as this soul adjusts to his new body.
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7. Miracle Dogs

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This film is the adaptation of the popular children's book "Annie Loses Her Leg But Finds Her Way." This is sure to warm the heart of any dog-lover.
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8. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

My first introduction to this miracle story was through reading the book of the same title written by Betty Smith when I was in grade school. And, yes the book is better, any bookworm would tell you the same. But this 1945 movie is endearing as well. The DVD version won't be out until Feb. 2005, but if you can't wait the VHS is currently available.
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9. Speaking With Your Angels

Educational workshop designed to teach you how to communicate with angels for support and comfort.
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10. Opening to Angels

Video course in how to communicate with angels and other nature spirits.
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