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Positive thinking is even stronger when it is verbalized by our voices. There is definitely power in our words.
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Daily Affirmations
SELECT A RANDOM AFFIRMATION or SHARE A FAVORITE AFFIRMATION - This is the Holistic Healing Community's continuing endeavor to bring about positive focus and intent to each of our lives 365 days of the year.

What Type Affirmations Work Best for You?
Take this quiz to discover what affirmation "wording" you are most aligned with.

@ffirmation of the Day
Affirmation of the Day email service - Subscribers are sent a new affirmation each day via email that is intentioned to help keep them on a positive pathway.

How Long Must I Wait For My Dreams To Manifest?
I realise that the universe can only give you what you need for your highest good, so if something you've requested doesn't happen, do you take it that basically, its not yours to have at this point in time?

Favorite Affirmations - Share Your Favorite Affirmations
Repeating affirmations help us to focus on the positive.

The Power of Affirmations
Contributor Gail Bell says that our negative beliefs can be reprogrammed into postivie thought through the use of powerful affirmations.

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