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Article: Acne Cured Naturally

I was just on the page of acne information, which by the way I was quite pleased with in total, but I do have two comments, both of which pertain to the list of foods to avoid/eat.

(keep in mind I have no professional training, but years and years of experience at the cruel, sick hand of fate)

I've heard that one of the few foods they have scientifically proven linked to acne is, well not really a food, but iodine. Somehow it can affect hormone levels, and therefore high-iodine foods should be avoided. these obviously include snack foods (junk foods) and most soups (ramen, etc.) due to record-high iodized salt content. but some of the worst iodine offenders are shellfish (I've historically never done well after shrimp) and seaweed. I understand fish don't contain nearly as much. So I was not expecting to find seaweed under the list of foods to eat. believe me, I do appreciate the benefits of seaweed (my mom is a macro, i've grown up on it) but this is an exception in my book

The second is in the list of foods to avoid I saw caffeinated drinks. one of my own personal theories (i've really devoted an amazing portion of my energy to studying my acne patterns over time) is that dehydration is key. believe me, this has been agreed upon by countless other people that I have discoursed with. the worst acne of my life was a period when I drank water all day long because I thought it would help "flush out the toxins". hehe. the truth is, I've had such success with coffee because I believe its diuretic properties help dehydrate the body, and less sweat/oil is produced. whatever the reason though, coffee has been my longterm friend. similarly, alcohol. on weekends when I'm away form the house and I don't have my skin product routine I used to panic. but I've noticed nights that I've gotten shitfaced and passed out unshowered Ii've woken up without fail with a dry mouth and a dry face. I wouldn't waste your time telling you this if I didn't find so many people who found the same thing to be true with them. okay, hope I didn't talk too much. it's late and I'm tired. Great job on the site, keep it up.



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