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Taking Inventory

About The Roles We Play


Jack Knife

Taking Inventory of your skills, talents, and roles.

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What is life all about?
What led me to where I am today?

These are a couple of the questions most people tend to ask themselves during certain stages of their lifetime. I seem to be once again at a period when I desire to evaluate what my accomplishments have been. It is a time to determine if I am happy where I am and if perhaps I would like to make some decisions concerning possible changes or new directions to take strides toward.

I focused on a mental exercise this week with my notebook and pen in hand. My task was to take inventory of the various roles I've played throughout my lifetime (so far!). I found it to be quite an interesting trip down memory lane. I attempted to list the variety of roles I've played in my 50+ years in the order they first occurred in my life. I am sharing my own personal list (see below) to give an example of how to go about making your own list. Try your best to list every role, doesn't matter if you feel them as significant or insignificant. Every experience we have had in our past plays a part in our personal evolution.

What is the purpose of this task?

To tell you the truth, I'm not 100% certain why I'm sharing this process with you. However, since I feel spirit compelling me to share this process, I am doing so. I believe part of undertaking this mapping-your-life exercise is to allow time for reflection at past accomplishments. It sure couldn't hurt to stop a moment and give yourself an additional pat on the back for past deeds well done. Also, reviewing the list may help you realize certain roles once held important is less important. Perhaps you will get a clearer understanding of why certain roles have fallen out of favor, belonging in the past. Other roles from your past are examples of experiences that earned you skills or nurtured innate talents. Lastly, you may notice how some of the minor roles from our youth could have actually helped project us forward into more significant roles we were meant to play out later.

  • Allow yourself 2-3 days to complete your list. It is likely you are not going to remember everything right away. Even days later after you feel you had completed your inventory another memory may surface.
  • Let your insights from doing this project simmer a bit before you make any major life decisions.

Life Role Poll

How Do You Feel About the Roles You've Played in Life?

A. My life is a fairy tale, everything has fallen into place.
B. The roles help me understand the grander scheme and give me future direction.
C. I wish I could erase some of my past roles and start over from the beginning.
D. I never really thought about my various life roles.

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Final Note:

I am open to receiving an email from anyone who chooses to participate in making your own role inventory list. Please share with me anything that you learned about yourself while doing this writing project.

Reader Response regarding this article

Phylameana's Personal Role Inventory

Spirit/Soul Human Being Female
Daughter Sister Granddaughter
Great-Grandaughter Niece Cousin
US Citizen Baby/Toddler Student/Classmate
Dreamer/Day-Dreamer Girl Scout Tomboy
Coin Collector Embroiderer Poetry Contest Winner
Christian Youth Crusader Piano Student Student Librarian
Babysitter Knitter Teenager
Honor Roll Student Church Junior Janitor Youth Group Treasurer
Big Sister (Youth Program) Bible Quiz Team Member (State Champions) Church Camp Dorm Counselor
Night Owl Candy Striper Intramural Basketball Team Captain
Bible School Teacher Thespian / Actor Playwright
Girlfriend Hospital Patient Employee
Grocery Clerk Driver High School Graduate
Adult Fiancé / Bride / Wife / Lover Homemaker
Homeowner Pregnant Clairvoyant
Aunt Mother Women's Clothing Retailer
Millenary Sales Person Bookkeeper Town Player
Voter Gardener Meat Wrapper
Divorcee / Ex-wife Single Parent Receptionist / Switchboard Operator / Secretary
Tarot Reader Waitress 9-5 Office Clerk
Barfly Blood Donor International Traveler
Astrologer Communicator Writer / Author
Spirit Channeler Holistic Healer / Consultant Web Publisher
Flower Essence Practitioner Reiki Master/Teacher Ordained Minister / Universal Life Church
Empty Nester Freelancer / Independent Contractor Mother-in-Law
Grandmother Transcendental Meditator Tai Chi Student
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