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Past Life Memories - Pleidian Living in the City of Atlantis


I was a Pleidian living on Earth in Atlantis:

Memory: I am in Atlantis, I see myself as a man, I am tall, I have blonde long hair with a metallic texture and colour. I have bluey-purple colured eyes, I have fair skin and I am dressed in silver coloured silk toga with a gold belt. In this life I am a High Priest and a Crystal Healer.
I am 788 years old and I am young looking, I look about 27-30 years old. I not Atlantian in this life but Pleidian, my parents felt it be best I live on Earth because I had lessons to learn, skills to gain and knowledge to be learned within this life.
My name is Merm-eku I see myself in a Giant monolithic Pyramid temple, it is hollow inside but it is strange because it changes it's molecular colour every hour. The pyramid is hollow but gigantic, the blocks look crystalline like glass but they are extremley dense like granite and translucent. I am here to teach 20 students the art of healing and bringing back a dead person, retreaving there soul and healing a person's physical body to a full functioning status.
I am with the High Priestess Ka sha kata, she is most beautiful, we are kindred spirits and twin flames within this life, within my present life she is a good friend. She is wearing a purple lilac coloured silk gown-dress, and sandals like the Egyptians wore in ancient times. Her skin is bronzed like a greecian, her eyes are deep, cat like, asian but more indian looking and hypnotically mezmerizing.
She is 918 years old and she specializes in fields of science, medicine, healing and arts. She is also a military engineer. In other scenes I see myself with her on a space ship that looks disc shaped, we often go on short day trips to Venus. The dimensional reality within Atlantis is a 5th Dimensional consciousness. Everything is in a high lighter form of reality.
Everything feels loving, warm and everything feels like it is coming from the heart chakra. In the last scene I see myself and my soulmate in our temple home, making love to each other with a strange mediation ritual, we seem to be merging our 2 souls in some kind of acsension type of lovemaking and in this I feel like electricity.
I feel my soul has merged to a higher source. In other scenes I see mermaids, I see people teleporting, I see granite and marble stone get levitated and moved into positions for construction purposes. Experiencing past lives has helped me to become a better person and a more compassionate soul, I hope others experience the same feeling as I have.

This Memory was submitted by:

JoJo, February 17, 2004

Questions and Answers:

Q. How did you come by this memory?

Awake Self Visualization while meditating in the park

Q. Did you learn anything about yourself from this experience that has helped you understand yourself better?


Q. Did you experience actually being this person or were you viewing a past life as an observer?

I felt I was living as this person
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