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Feather Frenzy

Use of Feathers in Healing


Sacred Feathers

Feathers and Healing

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Walking along the banks of Flint Creek I stoop down among the mud, sticks, and washed up stones looking for fossils. Crinoids are especially easy to find here. I look up and see a statuetee deer looking at me in the distance. Beautiful!!!!! As I look back down at my feet the wind stirs up and a stray bluebird feather gently drifts within my reach. I snatch it up and quickly braid a handful of my hair and weave the feather into it. I am grateful the bluebird spoke to me this day. According to Ted Andrew, author of Animal Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small , the appearance of the bluebird is a reminder to take time to enjoy yourself. Andrew also notes that blue is the color of the throat chakra and creative expression. Any bird or feather that enters your life brings the message that it is there to help you use your intuitive faculties.

Incorporating Feather Fetishes in Healing

Feathers are our connection to the "air" forces; air being one of the four elements. The remaining three elements are water, fire, and earth. A healer can incorporate the use of feathers in different ways. The feather is useful in cleaning auras. The healer may breathe through the feather during a toning session. Chanting sounds through a feather on client's body can elicit a powerful healing.

Different types of feathers are used depending on the need of the client.
  • Turkey feathers (see Turkey Totem) are wonderful for cleansing auras, the bowels, and the entire digestive tract.
  • Cardinal feathers (see Cardinal Totem) gives vitality to blood conditions, boosts energy levels in anemia sufferers.
  • Down feathers are good for healing skin conditions, stimulating the sense of touch, and quiets mental chatter.
  • Good dreams would pass through the Native American dreamcatcher and slide down the feathers onto the sleeper.

What Are Fetishes?

Fetishes are sacred objects used as a tool to facilitate an awakening into your whole self, used in prayer, or utilized for protection and healing.

Fetish Objects:

  • feathers
  • crystals
  • seashells
  • clay figures
  • fur
  • leather
  • stone or wood carvings
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