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Tai Chi

...moving meditation


The practice of Tai Chi promotes the circulation of chi or life energy within the body, encouraging wellness and vitality of the person. Tai Chi benefits both genders and people of all ages.

Early mornings in Beijing and other cities and providences throughout China small and larger groups alike routinely gather wherever there is available open space to practice their Tai Chi or meditation in motion. Observing from the sidelines at first it might appear that they are insync with one another (and most likely on a cosmic scale their energies are merging), but in taking a closer look each exerciser is very much self absorbed into the art of inner meditation and are actually oblivious of the actions of their neighboring meditators. Similar scenes are popping up in the West in our city parks, college campuses, and grassy lawns.

Tai Chi is an exercise that exerts no strenuous action, there are no jumps, no aerobics, no running. The feet always rooted within the earth, the torso and arms making graceful, deliberate, and sequenced movements take on the form of physical poetry. Although many of these movements were originally derived from the martial arts, this art form has developed into an exercise meant for relaxation and reduction of stress.

Instruction of Tai Chi is available in most communities. Check your local yellow pages, YMCA - YWCA, health/fitness centers, and hospitals to find out your class options: beginners, advanced, seniors, children, etc. I recommend having a personal trainer or classroom instructor to learn the basic movements. However, if this is not possible due to schedule restrictions or unavailability, instruction videos are another option to consider.

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