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Alert to Chakra Shutdown

Introducing the Chakra Polarity Process


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Many people today are experiencing effects of higher energy vibrations within their auras, or personal energy fields. Resulting from an overall increase in cosmic energy rays reaching our atmosphere, this "extra" energy affects people in the following ways:

  • "hyper" nervous system - feeling "jazzed;
  • mentally in "high gear" (but without positive effects usually associated with this - creativity, etc.), resulting in an overall mental "tenseness"
  • fogginess in thinking, losing thoughts, words
  • communication difficulties
  • feelings of tingling, skin "crawling"
  • feeling ungrounded, light-headed
  • not "in touch" with lower body
  • leg or foot cramps
  • heaviness on left side or head
  • neck and shoulder stiffness or pain, and extreme tiredness
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, or if you are aware of the changes currently going on in the universe (we are completing a 2,000 year universal cycle as well as an even longer cycle, causing our planet to align with extra-universal energies never before exposed to us), you are possibly also experiencing a "shutdown" of the normal functioning of your first and second chakras.

Temporary Chakra Shut-Down

This is an uncomfortable and chaotic experience for most people, but it is temporary! Please understand that this is a positive experience, and will result in tremendous personal and group growth; however the transition may be a bit rocky. From my personal experience and my experience working with clients over the past three years, I've calculated the "average" transition time for this process to be about six months - if the client is receiving help from a healer and/or doing his/her own work to facilitate the transition - and about 1-2 years if nothing is done.

The energy changes started a few years ago and have progressively grown stronger, culminating in what I believe to be the last big "dispensation" of energy within the last few months. The previous six months have seen tremendous increases in energy vibrations, one on top of the other, resulting in a lot of symptomatology.

Preface to the Chakra Polarity Process

I have been receiving information from my Master guides about these changes and how to help people through the transition for several years now. My experience shows the information I'm receiving to be "true" as far as one can know these things (mostly from the results I receive by following the healing advice). I have been able to keep the symptoms down to a minimum for myself and my clients, and have been able to "realign" people to the higher vibrations, following instructions given by the Masters I work with, as well as through Reiki guides and my personal healing guide. I am sharing these instructions and my own clinical findings in this article, so that you may share this information with a healer in your area who may help you; and/or you can use the exercises that follow to help yourself. I have been urged to pass on this information and the article you are now reading is one step in that direction. I urge all of you who find this information helpful to distribute if freely to others via Internet and other methods. (There is additional information on how to do this at the end of the article.)

Announcing a New Chakra Polarity Process

Up until the last six months or so, the energy increases were slower and further apart and were more easily dealt with. In the last six months they have been intense, fast, and frequent. Not only were the original symptoms being demonstrated, but a host of new symptoms emerged which at first baffled and disturbed me. As client after client came forth with the same strange new patterns in their chakra readings, I asked for clarification and assistance in deciphering the meaning of this new occurrence and, of course, for help in knowing what to do to help my clients.

The result of that request was a channeled message and instructions on a new chakra alignment and polarity process. It seems that the energies have grown so strong that our 1st chakras, which normally have a polarity (like opposite poles of a battery) with our 7th chakras, can no longer adjust to the increased vibrations (their wave patterns are too distant to "entrain" with one another). The result is that the energies that normally feed our 1st - and often 2nd - chakras is being "pulled up" to the 7th chakra area (again, this is because the 1st and 7th have a polarity balance, like the opposite poles of a battery, and therefore their energy vibrations are compatible). This "siphoning off " of the 1st, and often 2nd, chakra energies results in a "packing up" around the energy field of the 7th and 6th chakras, and may extend to the 5th chakra and others on down the line, when the person does not find some way to release these "stacked up" energies.

Synchronized Vibrations

It is important to remember here that these are EXTRA (higher vibrational) energies and although they invariably will affect the person's personal chakra energies if left untreated, they manifest at first on the outer layers of the aura, and must be removed before a true reading of the personal chakra field can be obtained. These extra energies are "magnetized" to the head chakra areas because there they find the closest vibrational frequencies to their own, and they are able to entrain (or synchronize vibrationally) there. Once the head chakras are "added to" by these higher energies, the normal balance of polarity between the 1st and 7th chakras is thrown off and the 7th chakra begins to "magnetize" the energies of its opposite pole (1st chakra) to it.

In my crystal readings of people's auras prior to healing, I usually get a vertical swing indicating a "pulling up" of the energies in the chakra fields affected. This vertical reading is showing a registering of the outer (affected) layers of the aura. Once the excess energies have been removed, there might be additional, different readings reflecting the true functioning of the personal chakra areas which were masked by the outer layer of higher vibrations.
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