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Can the Angels Help Me Hear My Inner Voice?

By January 2, 2010

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Each week, we invite a different intuitive to answer a question from a reader. If you'd like to submit a question for Christopher please email him directly.

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angelDear Christopher,
I need to know my life's purpose/passion. I can't go another day without knowing what I was sent and meant to do here. I've lost my inner reality's voice. I know it is speaking to me but somehow I am deaf and hear nothing! PLEASE HELP ME.


Dear Denise,
Your Angels want you to know that your inner voices are not lost. All that is happening to you right now is that your inner agitation is keeping you confused and is drowning out the soft, still voices of your Soul that can guide you to finding your purpose and passion if you let yourself be still and listen.

Your Angels are saying they want you to make room in your life for them right now. So draw them near you by focusing your thoughts on love, simplicity and peace. Feeling positive will bring you into closeness with your Angels. Create positive thoughts and feelings for yourself and gently hold them as well as you are able too. Your Angels will help you with this and you will soon discover you can hold positive thoughts and feelings for longer and longer periods of time. The depth and intensity of your positive thoughts and feelings will also naturally grow.

Your Angels are sending you blessings - full of the love and grace they have for you! They will support your growth and receptiveness. Ask for their help, then be still and listen. Wait for the thought and inspiration your Angels will put in your inner ear. They want to help you solve your problems big and small. They are waiting for you to give them assignments that will help bring you closer to your higher self.

Try not to "think" your way to the solution of your dilemma, but rather feel with your heart the things that are already your true passions. Petting your cat, laughing with a friend, eating spaghetti, receiving a gift from a child... find your own moments that are positive and really savor them. It is during these moments when you are in the "No stress zone" that you will be most receptive and they can contact you best. Be kind, loving, sensitive and supportive of your inner child - she has not forgotten your loves, gifts and passions and is ready to help you reconnect with them.

I lead 2-3 Angel Circles per week by phone and in person and the Angels have been so consistent on this point for many years: our true loves, passions and gifts are never lost, damaged or destroyed. They will always re-emerge with greater integration, balance, power, wisdom and love. Have confidence that your gifts will re-integrate and re-emerge with more vitality and purpose than ever!

All angel blessings to you,

Christopher James Dilts
Angel Intuitive

Disclaimer: Christopher Dilts shares insights derived from intuitive communications. Any advice he offers is not meant to override your personal health providers' recommendations or prescriptions, but is intended to offer a higher perspective on your question from the Angels

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July 27, 2011 at 1:50 pm
(1) Levi Howard says:

i need help with my Iner Voice

November 25, 2011 at 2:02 am
(2) spice18 says:

That was very helpful…I will try to calm myself before trying to hear my inner voice…I feel like I’ve lost it…

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