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Readers Respond: Best Telepathy Tips

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Share Posts - Telepathy comes easier for some people than others. Do you have any tips on how to become a better receiver or sender of telepathic messages? What works for you?

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Telepathy Practice-Focus

You have to work on focusing, which means meditating for about 15-20 minutes each day. I'm not gonna go off and be a hypocrite, so I'll start too! Good luck!
—Guest Emily

Partner Up!

Partner up with another person to practice sending and receiving messages. Start out by focusing on one word, a number, or a single object. Arrange a set time one of you transmit this telepathically for 3 to 5 minutes. Do this every day or evening at the same time. The other person will sit quietly and wait for the message to come through during the agreed upon time. Do this for a week or so then switch, the sender becomes the receiver and vice versa. Good luck!

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