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Readers Respond: Amazing Synchronicity Stories

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  • Share Posts - Synchronicites are those moments or occurrences that are often mistakenly called coincidences. Sometimes synchronicites happen when you follow through on a hunch. Other times they seem to come out of left field, either way, they're kind of amazing. Do you have a story? Share Your Story


    One day back in September 2012, I had come across a video on my phone from over a year previous; when my (Twin Flame) partner, 2 of our boys and I were enjoying some fun time in the garden. I had filmed my man and our two boys gurning and at one point call my man by his name, followed by the descriptive "The Gurner". I couldn't face watching it as I knew it would provoke strong emotion, so closed it and left for work. I walked the 2 miles as I always do, in auto-pilot and knowing I would be early, briefly, stopped off for a look around in a shop. On leaving the shop, I waited for traffic to stop for me to cross the road. There, to my right was a lorry; the first vehicle I had taken any notice of and displayed in the windscreen was a number plate .......... saying "GURNER"! I felt urged to tell my son, who has shared my Twin Flame/Spiritual journey and as I looked at my phone, it was 2.11 pm. WOW! So humbling!
    —Guest Jayne

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    Amazing Synchronicity Stories

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