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Readers Respond: Life Lessons My Father Taught Me

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Share Post: Our parents are our first teachers. Here is your opportunity to share with others the important lessons your father taught you. What lesson did your father instill in you that you are especially grateful for? Was it a tough lesson to learn? Are you teaching your children the same values you learned from your father? Please share. Share Lessons from Dad


I would say my father is a good dedicator who dedicated his life for his family and childrens..he is not only a dedicator he is also an indicator who drives our life in a correct way..

My Dad my Future

You made me laugh at the time I was crying ~ You were my father at the time I do mistakes ~ You were my teacher when you guide me ~ You were my friend at the times I share ~ You were my guide to show me the way and more on you will be my future in my future. You value as you are everything.


My dad's life was not like a life of ordinary dad. He sacrificed his life only for his family. At the age of 5 he lost his father, he was put in hostel.. there he had a terrific life. He didn't have common happiness. At the age of 15 he lost his brother and he was made to give a full stop for his studies. He started to compete with life at the age of 16. He worked worry for 3 sister.. somehow he had done everything for his sister. They got married.. after at least he should have led free but he didn't do that.. he got married, but then also he didn't enjoy the life. He had two daughters.. still he his working hard.. he was loved by everyone for his heart. But no one came forward to help. Our fate didn't work for my dad. I love my dad.. he taught me a lesson on life.. where life is of only pretenders.. have a belief in you and I have a belief in myself. I'll take care of you daddy.

I love My Dad

I love my father very much, and I too, he taght me everything in my life. He always fulfilled my wishes at a time. In my childhood I have no friends. I shared everything with my father, I play, dance with him, when I'm nervous he cheers me up.. telling me jokes, I lost him in 2nd March 2004.
—Guest Jyoti Acharya

lv father

I love my paa a lot. he is my ideal. He gives me suggestions for difficulty in my life, he is my good friend also..
—Guest vj

Character built through stories

My father worked very hard. He was very strict but always helped us to realise our mistakes through stories. He knew all the stories from the Holy Books of Hindu religion. We loved listening to his moral giving stories which taught us to be true, hard-working and to trust us in ourselves which has helped us brothers and sisters to be what we are today. Our heartfelt thanks goes to our father for leading us the righteous way and laying down our path for us. God bless our dearest father always and forever and hope he will be our father in other births too.
—Guest Parvathy Uprety

love for learning

My dad always took time to give us something to ponder about while we were living. He loved to eat unusual foods and unusual events, he shared that uniqueness with the 4 of us. I always loved him as a father first and then as a best friend! He taught me that being slightly "off" was a cool thang NOT a bad thing! Because of him, I have travelled to Rgypt, London, Moracco, lived in hostels, keep myself open for many challenges!!! I really miss him, he died September 28, 1993
—Guest Amber


My father always said to me "Son, I have no doubt in your capabilities and you shall live to be a great man. Greatness is your destiny."
—Guest rashid

Work hard and don't quit

My father's greatest gift to me was drive to persevere. He had come from a very poor background and started his adult life with nothing. He overcame a lot of obstacles throughout his life through sheer will power. He was the strongest man I have ever known and he passed this unto me. He never let me quit on anything and was very tough on me at times. Though he always let me know how much he loved me, he never allowed me to feel sorry for myself or make excuses. "I want you to be a lion amongst sheep!", he use to say, and "Failure is only temporary, quitting is for forever." There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him and what he did for me.
—Guest peapers

What I learned from my daddy

My dad was never late for any occasion. Therefore I learned to be dedicated, commited, and focused. He was also very calm and rational, even in the face of adversity. From this I learned to look at the big picture and think positively. As a very confidential person, I learned that I only need a few trusted friends and to talk less and listen more.
—Guest MARVA

I live in Africa

My father taught me during the aparthehid years in South Africa there one thing and lived is life through example. Get educated. People can strip you naked but they cannot strip your brain so study hard it is only thing that will survive through your trials and tribulation are your knowledge and your inner strength.
—Guest Aida

Love of All Life

There are so many things my Dad taught me to shape who I am. One thing he taught me was to respect all persons and accept them for who they are, no matter their beliefs. A saying that stays with me as I grow older, "You are as young as you feel and I feel 15!" I really appreciate the thought because I don't feel 45, I feel and look younger without doing anything special other than thinking younger thoughts. Miss you Dad and wish you could impart your wisdom on my sons in person!
—Guest hojobj

Honesty and Integrity

My father taught me the value of honesty, integrity, hard work and respect for myself, family and others. He did this by example not by preaching. He was an immigrant to this country and was grateful for all the gifts he was given and the successes he was able to achieve. I feel as though this world is a better place because of him. He is gone from this Earth now but his legacy lives on and his memory is still vivid in the minds of his children and grandchildren. This father's day I would like to send him love as we all still feel his presence and wait for the day we will all meet again.
—Guest JoAnne

It's okay to cry

My dad taught me it's okay to share your emotions. In fact, it's good to tell the people close to you how you feel. He always was honest with me about how he felt.
—Guest MdMomof3


My father was a very close and a dear fiend. He ingrained moral values and always taught me to work hard and put in my best efforts. He believed winners are successful and quitters failures. Because of him I am like a mountain, rock solid and unshaken. Thank you, Dad.
—Guest Sonal

Share Lessons from Dad

Life Lessons My Father Taught Me

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