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Readers Respond: Spiritual Growth Stories

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Share Post: Life's struggles, as well as our triumphs, can be catalysts for spiritual growth spurts to happen. Have you been challenged by circumstance or experienced something significant in your life that as a result made you a better person, a more loving and caring spiritual person? Tell us about it. Share Your Story

“Breaking the habit of Being Yoursel"

Most of my life I have been searching for the meaning of life. I could simply not find any real pleasure in living it, but I was very good in making a mess of it! My husband left me and my child and I ended up with a stroke in both of my lungs and on top of the cake I got jobless. Need less to say, enough reasons to be depressed..But I heard a voice in my heart that told me I would be fine! Searching for help I started reading many books , I prayed, meditated, studied Metaphysical science and tried Christianity. It all kept me busy for a while.. Then one day..now nine months ago, my sister bought the book “Breaking the habit of Being Yourself”,from Dr. Joe Dispenza together with his meditation DVD and his seminar DVD, which we have been working with on a daily base. We also took his advice about the necessity of learning new knowledge for the brain to grow and change, and also study “Nonviolent Communication”, written by Marshall B. Rosenberg
—Guest Marijke


I served in the Navy, and I was too sensitive for the military, which triggered a mood disorder for me. I was in a pit of despair, when I wasn't numb, all I could feel was pain. Life had never seemed so bleak and pointless. It was during my recovery that I realized I was awakening in a way I never had before. I had questions no one could answer, and what I was taught as a child didn't cut it anymore. And ever since I've been researching and learning, and I've found spirituality to be very fulfilling. I meditate now, when as a teen I couldn't. I've learned to slow down and just be and live in the moment. It's helped me heal and propels me forward into what's to come.
—Guest Kaia Rose


Through a series of spiritual experiences i was able to tackle my fears, unsure of their relevance and where they were coming from I searched within myself and developed an inner strength, I analyzed my inner values and self, a separation of myself with positive and negative energies, although at points i was scared and confused. I was able to reconstruct myself in a way which has put me on a path of perseverance, acceptance, creativity, positivity and HAPPINESS!
—Guest je'taime = i love

My Awakening

I started on my path, I believe after my Reiki 1, it opened me up emotionally to see things differently- I began to want to be true to myself, I finally admitted I was in the wrong relationship and ended it, which caused a lot of heart ache, I also lost the beautiful house we had together but after a while on this path you start to realise that really nothing materialistic matters any more, I used to be so caught up in worrying what people think of me, how I look, how i am behaving, trying to look and be perfect for everyone...but not looking after myself. I have come to realise this is the most important thing in life- to learn to love yourself unconditionally. This is not easy with so much conditioning from society, parents, peers etc of how we should be, but if you can just accept things as they are at that moment in time then any expectations of yourself can be released. Mediation helps with this. I have just completed a 10 day silent retreat- its called Vipassana. I highly recommend.
—Guest annabel


I'm 29 but I look more like 24-25 I've always been different. I didn't like to party and always hated the attention I got even still today. I don't see the point in dating. I can remember things from childhood when my older sibling would do certain things and I would be so confused because I knew the outcome. Why didn't they see it. I now know what I am referred to is an old soul and the thirst for knowledge is overpowering some days where I just need to know this or that but I'm never done . There is never enough for me to learn and find out. Most days I lay awake at night thinking that I'm failing, why I don't know what I'm failing from. I often feel lost and confused and part. That alone gives such weight off my back. I see the world as I never seen or knew before. Nobody is hard to talk to or understand. I don't see people as people but only as souls that are learning along with me.
—Guest loren

The Importance of Now

When I look at what’s important in life I first see my wife, children, grandkids, and friends I’ve managed to hold onto over the years. As I go deeper though I find the events that cause me the greatest emotional and psychological pain that comes whenever I refuse to accept life as it presents itself are the ones I’m most grateful for. These I cherish the most because they always create an opportunity for me to grow. They provide lessons in life still yet to learn, a doorway to my spirit, and conscious awareness of who I really am. Within this inner space I find my true self essence abides; and outside a world full of dreams, distorted illusions, and an ego constantly seeking itself in everything around me. These times teach me about the paradoxes of life; what seems one way today will appear the other way tomorrow. They teach what’s really important in life that acceptance is the key to peace, and to be with what is is all that matters right now.
—Guest Mailliw Serolf

Peace Eternal

My soul purpose is my soul. I am tied to the angelic being within me. My connection with God and all that is real is through my heart and soul. Individuals are so unique. So vast. I love it. I love people. I love watching life unfold before me. I am working on finding my eternal peace with all that is. I still have moments of fear and doubt but they are ever fleeting because I KNOW there is so much more than meets the eye. There is so much beautiful energy to be obtained and utilized and shared its breath taking. I do not know what my future holds but I know I have a simple purpose and that is to love with all of my heart. Love is so pure so exhilarating! Had to spread a little here.
—Guest MorningGloryLove

Life's Lessons Get Us To Our Destiny

It truly is a blessing when things in our life seem so bad and through it all comes so much good. I struggled in an abusive marriage for 11 years, divorced, got 3 children through it emotionally, being pushed past my limits as a single mom. I didn’t understand at the time, why God had me go through so much, but always held onto my faith, there was a reason. Today, I’m a Spiritual Life Coach, my son is a U.S. Marine, two daughters working, 1 granddaughter. Just recently became aware that I’m an Empath and can read and feel people’s emotions and learning to become more intuitive, a gift we all were born with. Believe, trust, and be inspired to find your brilliance. You’re all given a soul- purpose for being here. God Bless You!
—Guest Linda

time heals all wounds

My brother Lt Ray Murphy[FDNY] died on 9-11 while trying to rescue his brothers after the first collapse. I use to think of my brother Ray as Superman he was so strong mentally and physically. I tried to be strong like him but it was just to much pain for me to bear. He was my mentor. 10 months before Ray passed my mother died. I realized that I am not the only one suffering. Eventually I became sick and it took years to heal the wounds from 9-11-01. With the help from God, my wife, family and friends I began to accept what happened. The pain, guilt, and anger was bringing me down to a place that I have never felt before. I had to learn to let go. Things happen for a reason, why I don't know. Acceptance was key to my health. I am powerless over what happens in life. The only one I can control is me. Today I prefer to remember Ray for the way he lived, not how he died. He was my HERO long before 9-11.

A Series of Awakenings

Learning to read when I was in first grade was a revelation to me. I sucked up stories and non-fiction like a sponge. In sixth grade, I discovered science fiction through War of the Worlds and my mind expanded. High school was a black time-I discovered the joy of poetry, even if the poetry was dark. Then, in 1977, I was standing at my family's beach, alone, on a summer evening, observing, without judgement, and experienced Oneness. Years passed: marriage, children, death of my smart and funny and courageous 3-1/2 year old. Depression. Then, the road upward again. I worked through Dr. Phil's Self-Matters, but it felt like something was missing. I discovered Morty Lefkoe's belief elimination process and eliminated 19 beliefs and conditionings, then participated in his Occurring Course. Oneness means awareness of my true nature; discovering who I am and living it is the greatest gift I ever gave myself. I would not change my past for the world because I am where I am meant to be: FREE!
—Guest Lauren

How I grew from one experience

Over the last year things had been very hard for me yet I learned how strong of a person I ended up being and how strong in faith I was compared to how wavering it was a couple of years prior to 2009. I got sick in 2001 the first year I got married it seemed like after that we were back on track. Then in 2004 my life changed forever, I was no longer able to do the things in life that my hubby and I enjoyed. There were no more spontaneous trips, able to just go for long drives. I got sick and my body could not take it. I lost myself and he focused so much on him he lost himself. In 3/2009 he passed away.. he died instantly in a head on collision and my life changed. I cried a lot and I had no purpose nor did I even appreciate me. But what I realized is that God knew I had strength. He showed me in so many ways I got spiritually stronger, prayer stronger, and physically and mentally stronger.. Thank you God. Even though I had sorrow I also gained eternal love and love for me.

Growth with Changing Seasons

I love Spring, all its newness and life reborn, again! I also believe it is our nature to mimic, somewhat, the beautiful changes that occur in our natural, outer world and environment, and use these changes as teachers of some great lessons! Be Reborn, with Spring! Grow:)
—Guest liz

Spiritual awakening

I have spent the last year working on loving and accepting myself and letting go of things that don't serve me. I recently had the experience of being with a terminally ill loved one through his illness and ultimately, his death. The experience has transformed me. I now understand unconditional love and what is important in life. Although I will miss my friend, I am blessed that I was given the gift of sharing this experience with him.
—Guest Linda W

It doesn't have to be huge

It's very hard to change. We all know that. But my husband has helped me become a more caring and accepting person simply through his example. After several squabbles over my micromanaging him, I finally saw the truth in his question: "What's the worst that happens if I do it my way?" And we've had such a harmonious marriage since then. I'm not saying it was easy; and it may not seem like a major change; but it was HARD for me to stop butting in with my opinion and to just let him do it his way. I am proud of myself for changing!

No hurt is a good hurt

I am finally recognizing I am a worthwhile human being at 45. I have done good things with my life, a school teacher, and now social worker helping kids who are in trouble. None of that made me worthwhile until I healed the child in me from abuse. There is hope for us that never tell. Somehow we are finally telling, for me it took a long time and a heck of a climb. It takes courage to look in but it as not as scarey as we like to make it out to be. These experiences have taught me; we can only take ownership for what we do, we are human and we make mistakes that we do need to forgive ourselves for, we cannot be perfect enough so we are loved- perfection is an idea only of what value we place on something good or right- it is only an idea, we can define ourselves for ourselves. Follow your heart for that is where your soul will speak to you from.
—Guest with Bright Eyes

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Spiritual Growth Stories

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