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From the article: Pagan and Spiritual Rituals
Share Post: Do you use rituals or ceremonies to help connect spiritually to a higher sense of awareness, to promote balance, or bring healing into your life? If so, how? Do you use prayer, meditation, chanting, music, or what? Please share your favorite rituals.

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Nighttime Prayer

In my room, I have a small bowl with 9 stones. Each stone represents something: five represent the elements, one represents the God, one the Goddess, and the other two represent the two halves of myself. Every nIght before I go to bed, I kneel, holding the bowl. I say a prayer, thanking the elements and the God and Goddess for whatever may have happened, and praying for specific things for myself tomorrow.
—Guest Victoria

Morning Ritual

Every morning when I awaken I tap my heart chakra or Message Center and call to holy ones to please come there and sit to guide me. Master Zhi Gang Sha taught students to do this. It makes an amazing difference in waking up and feeling uplifted immediately! Calling Master Sha into the Message Center brings a feeling of enlightened peace and a crystalline clear heart chakra or Message Center. Wonderful experience!

Beech trees

Beech trees are my favorite trees because they are so beautiful and there are many different types (copper beech, weeping beech, acorn-leafed beech etc). When I am taking a walk and I see a beech tree, I touch its trunk and say a small prayer. Just touching the trunk is a reminder that of the power of the natural world and its ability to refresh and heal us, and to put our daily worries into a larger perspective. Perhaps I was a druid in a past life, but this little ritual is good for my spirit.
—Guest Susan

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