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Readers Respond: What it Really Means to be Spiritually Enlightened

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This means...

Spiritual Enlightenment, I think, is the awareness beyond just the self, but a closeness to wisdom, and a relationship with the Divine, gaining knowledge, that leads to growth and new abilities that bless your world, and others! It creates peace of mind, and strength, and a light that gives insight in all circumstances. It leads us on, directs our paths, and challenges us to develop our sense of wellbeing and know better our individual mission here... This is what "spiritual enlightenment" means to me!
—Guest liz

What does spiritual enlightenment mean?

What does spiritual enlightment mean to me? To see beyond the physical, to drop one's burdens, to lighten one's load, an understanding of the higher self and how we can work with the higher self to gain more understanding of our selves and others.
—Guest heather

True Self

My Spiritual Enlightenment has been through meditation. No it is not physical feelings. Actually the body slumbers as the spirit connects to other spirits. We are Spirit first... and physical human beings second. Spiritual Enlightenment isn't like a born again feeling where you run around in the name of the "Lord" bringing attention to yourself. Spiritual Enlightenment is where you finally wake up that you are connected to the "All" everything and everyone and communicate with those people and things as you would treat yourself. I am glad for my enlightenment, my growth, I always suspected there was more to life than me. Now it is great to KNOW there definatly is the "All." The ever constant current of energy. To those who may be confused, watch an older movie called "Powder" then maybe you'll get it. And meditate and pray every day from the heart, with depth. You are not alone. ~Blessed Be


Spiritual enlightenment for me means being at peace with yourself and others. It means having the confidence to make choices, knowing that whatever happens, YOU CAN HANDLE IT and that you will learn from the choices you make, and so will everyone else.

Means something different for everyone

For those who seek you shall find, knock and the door will be opened. The flesh will seek the things of the flesh and the spirit will seek the the things of the spirit. There is a physical and spiritual body within us all, when twain becomes as one this is enlightenment. When you realize the omnipotence of the creator, the aeon of aeons, the spirit in which all spirits ascend and will descend back to. This can only happen when you still oneself. Become open to recieve and you will give. Only the individual can do it for themself, no one can do it for you. They can only point the direction in which to go. Some get it over time, some get it right away, and most never get it at all. Pray, Meditate, Think, these are the beginning, it is the prayer of no praying, the meditation on nothing, the thought of no thought, go back to the beginning. I am the beginning and the end.
—Guest guru muda

Peace in the I AM State of Mind

A sense of peace pervades, throughout every single cell of your body and a sense of knowing your purpose; To love and be loved. Rare moments when you are simultaneously outside of yourself, while wholly connected to your inner spirit. The observer and the observed, connected to every living organism. AWARENESS.


To me spiritual enlightenment only happens after many years of emotional release. Using breathing techniques is by far the most efficent way to advance our conscious and therefore become enlightened Another name for thls tecnique is "Rebirthing" and in my opinion should be taught in all schools, hospitals prisons and to members of parliment. This process is Gods gift to the world and is the miracle that everyone is looking for.
—Guest Pauline McNab

Undifferentiated Consciousness

"Wouldn't it be wild if we all woke up one day and realized all we'd really been doing all this time was looking in a mirror?" ---- Enlightenment is pure, undifferentiated, self-shinning consciousness. It is that state of conscious human being wherein the division of subject and object, which characterize ordinary consciousness, are overcome. Among those who have realized it, no doubts about it can arise. It is the it is the infinite richness of spiritual being and who we are.

Spiritual Enlightment...

is about silence sacrifices that you made that causes happiness around you. Not because of the wrath of God that you fear, it is about selflessness and end endless love that you wanted to share.
—Guest wildwitty


To be enlightened means, as a result of spiritual practice or through contact with someone who has done such practice, to radiate a palpable spirit energy which can be felt by those about the Enlightened One and whose effect and character are wholly positive. Those who come into contact with an Enlightened person are also and equally Enlightened.
—Guest C

Becoming Aware

The title says it all. We are born with the knowing of Divine Connection. Enlightenment like all else of Source is simple. Remember who you are, from whence you came and where you return. It is all about the LOVE.
—Guest Rev.Frederick

willing to Learn

A good way to describe enlightenment that I've heard is, when you are willing to take in new information and start questioning what you think the world is and who you think you are instead of just pushing off new information in favor of old superstitions and premonitions that you have formed over the years within the stream of belief systems that you call an identity. So, in short, being able to question your beliefs and simply want to learn what/who you really are from your experiences in the moment instead of just matching patterns from your past.
—Guest Nate Plum

Spiritual Enlightenment

The Hindu scriptures speak of "neti, neti" which means "not that, not that." From this perspective one can never consciously capture enlightenment. Nor could it be explained in words. It could only be felt, for whatever it is worth. Hence a great deal of humility is warranted.
—Guest Rekha Vinjamuri

Spiritual Enlightment

I love this topic! How I describe it for myself, is a 'constant gentle nagging' that lingers in the backdrop and surfaces every now and then. What that was was a gift to 'sense' 'feel' 'hear' things that others around me didn't. For example, I was attending a class on learning how to protect myself from 'energies'. The instructor had the ability to lower or raise the vibration in the room. I remember when she said she was raising the vibration, I had to literally hold my hands on my lap to not have them cover my ears from the very loud ringing of beautiful bells, tibetan bowl sounds and chimes. After the class I approached her to say I loved the class but found the 'CD' playing very loud when she raised the room's vibration. She smiled at me and said there was no CD playing. I was flabbergasted! What? It was beautiful, loud music... you didn't hear it. Since that time, I decided to just let myself be who I am. This to me is being spiritually enlightened - being myself!


When you go beyond the body-mind mechanism and merge into the all-pervading consciousness realizing your true and essential nature, you are enlightened. When your individuality/ego dissolves into the ocean of consciousness, when you become the vastness yourself, when you become God yourself, when you realize that you were sitting in the body-mind cage due to your past conditionings/karmic impressions and that you were actually infinity caught up in finity, that is enlightenment. When you realize that you in the form of the Ki or universal life force were activating the whole creation, when the whole cosmos starts floating in your vast expanse, when you become bliss, truth & consciousness yourself, that is enlightenment. When you realize that you are the unmoving hub at the centre and the moving creation revolves around you, when you realize that you permeate every atom in this bipolar creation and yet transcend it, you are enlightened.
—Guest Ravindra Joshi

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