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Readers Respond: Holistic Approaches Nurses Use When Nursing Others

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Share Post: Are you a nurse who takes a holistic view and practices mind/body techniques when nursing others? What types of holistic therapies or techniques are you able to incorporate into your work day at the hospital, clinic, or other nursing facility where you work?

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holistic nursing

Holistic nurse is about being rather than doing. It is the way we approach what we do. I believe we miss the point when we add more modalities without using holistic philosophy.
—Guest Ann

My wish is to do more.

I am finishing my APRN as a Holistic Nurse. So far all I have seen in my area being done within the hospital system is a little Healing Touch, Reiki, mindful-based stress reduction and massage. What I want to do is meditation, Reiki, aromatherapy, wellness programs (real prevention), nutrition and stress education and incorporate multi-cultural healing practices.

Registered Nurse Oncology

I offer my patients back rubs, neck and shoulder massages, and before bedtime massages to patients that ask for muscle relaxers and sleeping meds. Some are receptive and claim it helps better than drugs.
—Guest Gail

Reiki in the OR

I am not a nurse, but, when my brother-in-law had heart valves replaced 2 years ago, all of the OR nurses, and the doctor were Reiki Masters! He received Reiki all during and after the procedure.
—Guest Carol Y

Meditation and Chair Yoga for Seniors

I have been teaching meditation and chair yoga to senior citizens in some of the buildings that I work in. They look forward to it each week and all are so amazed at how good they feel after the sessions.
—Guest Mary V
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