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Readers Respond: Low Carb Snack Suggestions for Chocolate Lovers

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Share Post: Keeping to a low-carb diet can be trying when those chocolate cravings surface. What type of snack satisfies your chocolate ravings and at the same time keeps you from overloading on sweet carbs? Share Sweet Relief Snacks

Chocolate is Good!

Chocolate sugar free fudgesicles, or homemade chocolate low cal pudding!
—Guest liz

Chocolate cravings

I follow a low carb diet to stay healthy not necessarily to lose weight. But when I get a chocolate craving I choose either dark chocolate covered almonds or dark chocolate covered fruit. Another good choice is Kellogg's FiberPlus Antioxidants Dark Chocolate Almond bar. Always remember dark chocolate is full of antioxidants but also full of calories. If you can stay on a low carb diet for life and not just to lose weight there are may health benefits.
—Guest josh

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Low Carb Snack Suggestions for Chocolate Lovers

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