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Readers Respond: Smudging Experiences

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Share Post: Have you had a positive experience with smudging? Please share why you feel smudging helps or explain why you would recommend smudging to others. Why Smudging Works

Best Dreams After Smudging

Whenever I smudge at night before I go to sleep I always have the best dream. I travel a lot in my dreams, Holy Spirit comes to teach you, guide you, and take you places you just can't explain, only because no one would believe you. That only happens if you have a close relationship with the third "God" who is the comforter and the counselor. But always remember prayers should be included in all your smudging with a clean and sincere heart, because God knows your heart. You want to make sure your atmosphere is clean. Keep your house clean up at all times. Being poor doesn't mean you have to be nasty, clean as you go, and then you invite the Holy Spirit. Call the Holy Spirit and Ask won't He come? I know this too well. no negative spirit will come around you while you are smudging, they will be trying to get away from you. Smudging has been wonderful for me. I am Christian and I don't practice black arts, always ask God if it's okay before you do anything that will grieve Him or Jesus.

Smudging to get love back

Me and my boyfriend recently broke up cause of my mistake and I'm so depressed I just will do anything to have him back in my life and I've heard of smudging but I've never tried it and my grandfather said to smudge and it helps. Will smudging work to get my ex back?
—Guest Sky

It's amazing!

Smudging for me has truly been a God send. It clears negative energy, and blocked energy and gives a light, airy, positive atmosphere where there wasn't one previously. And I agree, if you are sensitive, empathic, or pick up on other people's feelings, emotions, and moods, then this is a must have! It is medicine for the mind, body, and soul. I smudge and say a little prayer. Works great!
—Guest GB

Great for Rentals

The family that used to live in the basement left all kinds of energy when they left. It wasn't all bad, it was more confusing. The whole atmosphere was just weird. When I moved down there a couple days ago, I noticed what I'd describe as swirls and shifts of energy, some if them turned into shapes and a few turned out to be spirits. Turns out, all the spirits that have been following me and 'visiting' are living with me now and their not shy. After smudging with sage and lavender, then cedar and finally sweetgrass, it hasn't stopped. But it feels amazing in the apartment now, and the spirits don't even scare me. I think there're 10-11 of them, but they don't bother me. I'm not scared of them and neither is my cat, and I'm pretty sure they're actually trying to help me.
—Guest Jan

smudge after healing sessions

I am a holistic healer and smudge with lavender sage bundle starting counter clockwise in my apt after certain types of sessions that involve clearing negative energy from clients. My teenage son reports lightheadedness and a high lol. I just feel happier and giddy inside afterwards. Pray to God while doing.
—Guest vibrant77

Warding off Disturbing Neighbors

My husband & I have lived in the same apt. for a long time & seen many neighbors come & go throughout the yrs. Dealing w/many different personalities sometimes proved to be more of a challenge than we'd imagined. Once we had a renter above us who played his music loudly late @ night. of the & even tho we asked him politely to please turn it down by 10pm, he'd always blast it on over & over again. So when he went to work, I whipped my sage outta the drawer & smudged the entire hallway dispersing any negativity from the atmosphere. We didn't hear the stereo that evening & smudging always seemed to improve his behavior considerly. Another neighbor we had was a mentally disturbed woman who sounded like a clydesdale horse stampeding across her living room floor everyday. Despite our private jokes naming her "Bovine"~(much needed humor to survive that basket case), I knew I had to do something... so smudged the hallway again w/sage+ casted a spell w/graveyard dirt. She was evicted a week later.
—Guest Deirdre

Beyond relaxing!!

So I'm able to see hear and spirits and not a single day goes by for me that it won't happen. Literally it's usually multiple times in a day. With that being for me its exhausting because I can't really relax in my own home the only way I can explain it is that I feel like its this wall I've put up around myself in order to deal with it and keep them out. So the other night I'm on my computer, kid is in bed and I'm enjoying the silence and a man whispers my name into my ear behind me. I usually don't cry about this stuff because I'm so used to it but it can be unnerving at times for me. So I feel mad/upset and started crying and decided I just need to comes to terms with this and buy some sage. Got it yesterday and I'm not even kidding it is AMAZING!! I'm so relaxed, I can't remember the last time I felt so at ease and it also makes me feel lighter and peaceful. And my sleep has amazing too!! I think I'm totally in love lol :)

in pieces

I bought some sage about 3 weeks ago. I have used it weekly and I only use it my room because I share a 3 bdrm apt with a roommate and her 8 y/o daughter who isn't into praying, smudging, meditating, etc., but loves shows about huntings and spirits. One of the main reasons I started this was because the energies of my room mate are negative, depressing, draining, and angry. Since laying sea salt at my threshold she nor her daughter rarely ever enters now/never when I'm here. 3 times have come home (always to my door closed because I always close it when I leave) and the sage is not where I left it. At first it was on a small plate, I leave it on the floor, when I came in it looked as if someone kicked it across the room. I moved the plate a little higher and the sage was still on the floor like someone had pushed it on the floor. I came home again last night and it was on the floor again, this time, one of my 'missing' crystals was on the plate, it had been mia for a week!! Advice!
—Guest BSB

Craziest thing happened Smudging

Last night, I began the smudging process after my boyfriend left the house because he thought that by burning sage was a form of voodoo. I told him it wasn't and given my strong native American background, I found it necessary to heal and protect our apartment. Since we moved in over the past 2 months, I have been sick twice, suffered 10 stitches to my face, he lost his job. My boyfriend can see spirits and thought he saw a man sitting in our kitchen. Well ever since then, I felt a presence. When I started smudging, I opened the windows and the side door as my gateways, I went to the corners it led me to and as I was doing this, I was invoking positive energy over the things I wanted for myself and our home. No sooner did I finish, I get a call from my boyfriend who had just left and not so far from home, got in a car accident, wasn't hurt but car was totaled. I almost feel as if the negative spirit or energy left and somehow went after him or in that direction. It was just strange.
—Guest rochelle

Slept Like Babies

My daughter and I are used to the shadows and voices so unless they present a direct threat or we feel extra anxiety or sleeplessness, I don't sage. However, my daughter had a friend (one who has stayed numerous times and knows we have spirits) stay the night last night and ended up totally freaked out because some male spirit was standing in the doorway and telling her to leave, that she was not wanted there. So I got up at midnight when she came to me crying and saged the entire house. She calmed down enough to sleep and my daughter and I slept like babies :) I really should do that more often...
—Guest Michielle

Sage + Frankincense

When my marriage was heading for the dumps, my home was a sad, sad place to live in. My 3 daughters aged 7, 5, and 3 at the time were most affected by the frequent arguments between my ex and me. 4 years later the divorce was finally over but the sadness in my house still lingered. I stared drinking and pubbing most nights, bringing home women I picked up at the pub and did just about all an angry man would do. Last year I suffered a stroke. While in hospital my sister told me about smudging, etc. and advised me to do a thorough cleansing. I didn't believe it at first but decided to give it a try. One word - AMAZING. That was 11 months ago and I am still doing it once a week. Being a Catholic I follow up the cleansing with frankincense. The changes in my house and in me have been amazing. I finally succeeded in giving up smoking, I don't have the urge to want to go pubbing, although I do have a couple of drinks in the comfort of my now peaceful home. I just love my life now...
—Guest Allan

Felt sorry for house spirit.

When we transferred to a rental house, I smudged it during the day. One night I dreamed of a man standing at the foot of the second flight of stairs in the house. The man was dressed in dark pants and long sleeves. I could see his face looking sad. He said to me "this is my house." When I woke up I felt sad for the man because I was like driving him away with my smudgings. I asked my wife if somebody has died in the house. My wife said according to the real estate agent that indeed a former owner of the house died in there. Since then, I did not do anymore smudgings until we transfered to another house. I just let the house spirit live in there.
—Guest Arturo

Attacked while smudging

Smudging must work as it is clearly provocative. While smudging a room reportedly by a family I knew having a poltergeist outbreak in their son's room I was attacked. As I started smudging near his bedroom and the laundry room a pair of his dirty underwear was hurled at me along with his socks. I then proceeded to smudge the laundry room to loud screams and smudged the tween's underwear. The family now reports all disturbances have ended!
—Guest Kathy

I love smudging

I just moved into a new rental home and the first month was horrible for my family. We couldn't sleep and argued nonstop. My landlord told me last week that the woman who lives here for several years had arguments all the time. I also have a stressful work environment. I just had enough. I smudged my entire home and myself with sage. I've never felt so peaceful and lighter. My home is a joy to be in now.
—Guest Jasmine

Why not?

We have a lot of stress in our lives that can't be avoided. I pray and meditate for a positive atmosphere, though there is nothing noticeably out of whack. Maintenance I guess. But when I lose my calm, every once in awhile I'll smudge each room to keep from filling my place with negativity. Tonight I had a ton of anxiety. I smudged just now and it's gone. Could be the sage, could be a the placebo effect, either way, it did ultimately work, and I feel better. -cheaper and healthier than booze and cigarettes!
—Guest 3to5D

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Smudging Experiences

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