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Readers Respond: Smudging Experiences

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Works for Minor Problems

Smudging might work for some lesser earthbound spirits but good luck trying to smudge away a demon-most people who praise the merits of smudging don't even really have a enity in their residence, they just think they do. Smudging also is pretty ineffective against a developing poltergeist attack. Holy water is much more effective than smudging. Why is smudging so popular? One reason is with so many agnostics who have rather negative attitudes toward Christianity today, they feel somewhat put off by having to resort to methods that would validate the idea of a demonic world and the power of Jesus to address such enities so smudging becomes a fast and easy solution when they start getting spooked. Does it work at all? Yes, it works provided you have a rather minor problem.
—Guest Jim

Smudging my home

I lit a candle and left it by the fireplace, so if it got knocked over it would be ok. I smudged all the downstairs, went around each doorway, let the smoke go into the closets, went in a clockwise direction. I let the smoke travel upstairs, I smudged our attic, I opened my son's room and opened his window so that the bad spirits could leave. I went back down to where I started and placed the whole stick inside a duck incense burner until it burned out. The smoke reached every inch of this house. I have left the candle burning. I will blow it out before I go to bed, but I believe all the negative energy is gone. Only good spirits are still here.
—Guest Betty Johnson

Smudging is the ultimate relaxation

I love smudging. It removes all bad feelings or thoughts... I'd say it removes ANY thoughts. you just exist. and you're happy. It definitely works.
—Guest Genesis

First Time Smudger

I used smudging with sage for the first time yesterday. My home had a lot of negative energy from the previous owners and I felt it was affecting me and members of my family. I smudged the whole house and felt light and calmness afterward. Strangely, I fell into a deep sleep later that night. For some unexplained reason, I was very tired and fell asleep on the sofa. My husband said he tried to wake me, but could not. I have never slept so soundly before. When I woke, I felt nauseous. I don't know why this is. I suspect that a lot of negative energy is leaving my body because, even though I feel sick, I am filled with gratitude, love and happiness!
—Guest Guest Lady K

smudging a negative apartment

I ordered a smudge stick off of ebay and used it right away with a video on youtube. I feel the effects immediately. I feel happy and daughter was a bit down is now smiling... thank you smudge angels....
—Guest Gail

Smudging Works

Yesterday I came home to smudge. I have had some disturbing things going on in my house. This thing stands in the corner by the dresser and is so tall, I don't know how it gets in the room. It looks as if it is wearing a Sari and all that can be seen are the eyes, and they look like little light bulbs. It is definitely a male presence. When you stand at the dresser it leans on you and at night it is darker than the darkest spots in the room so you know it is there. This thing is pretty scary and it is affecting my kids. Another thing in the house wakes you up by yelling in your ear that we think is a child. It doesn't hurt us, it just aggravates us to the point of not getting any sleep. The thing that taps us on the head seems to be female because just before it taps and you can hear it's bracelets clinking. From now on, I will smudge whenever I feel someone has left negative energy in our home or just to create a positive atmosphere.
—Guest AprilNC

Our Home is Now Ours.

We moved into a 2 year old house that we fell in love with. I had a feeling the house had been broken into and mentioned it to our lovely neighbours. It seems the house had been ram raided by the police due to drugs. I knew there was "something" , especially in our bedroom. By chance I was watching a TV show and discovered sage smudging. I could see the negative energy going into the smoke in several of the rooms. It works, I know it does. Just did it the 2nd time and included the exterior. Apparently it puts like a mirror on the outside to detract the negative energy. I recommend it, our home is now ours.
—Guest lin

Sage or cedar is best for smudging (imo)

We are most vulnerable when we sleep from both physical and spiritual attacks. That is why I smudge anywhere new where I must stay the night, as a way to purify the area and protect me while I sleep from dark spirits.
—Guest midnight

Drives off Unpleasant Entities

In my experience, yes, it does. Smudging helps to clear the mind and body of negativity, and it does seem to drive off any unpleasant entities or vibrations that may be lingering around. If nothing else, just the ritual of smudging seems to calm and focus the mind. My son Jake has Pandas OCS Disorder and it worked for a short period time but it is back again. You will know if your house has negative energy or not.

Long-Time Smudger

I smudge to remove negativity from my home and invite peace, laughter, and love. My home always feels so much brighter and more welcoming afterwards. My daughter and I both sleep better after a smudging.
—Guest Melissa

I smudge to remove negativities

I sagebrush smudged for the first time yesterday, from room to room. We have had some marital issues & problems w/the neighbors, in fact we have to move from our rented home from multiple complications, I have a lot of health problems and things have been going wrong one thing after another. I feel a lot more at peace since smudging I will do it today as well, and keep in a mind a positive attitude and outcome. The weather is dark & cloudy today, so it should be the perfect time to smudge. I also have a horseshoe over my entering kitchen door for good luck.
—Guest Erin

White Sage Smudging Skin

I use Lucky six farms white sage hydrosols on my skin - Louise Hay says physical problems form in the energy- so the clearing negativity of white sage heals blemishes on many levels.
—Guest Katana Dufour

Smudged Away Sense of Darkness

We moved into my house years ago and the owner before tried to commit suicide in my room. We redid the house so it looked like new yet there was an unspeakable sense of darkness in the downstairs of the house. I heard about the smudge stick and used it today for the first time. I did it to myself and in every corner of the house. I feel so amazing and refreshed, there isn't a doubt in my mind that this stuff works. I was having nightmares and I had to wake up and sleep upstairs. Now I feel amazing and highly recommend it.
—Guest Samantha

Lighter More Relaxed Atmosphere

After having been introduced to some very low energies, I was haunted with very loud scary unexplained noises in the middle of the night and experienced night terrors in which I had to sleep with the light on and a tv on. After telling this to my very level headed daughter she confided in me that the same night that I had slept over and had experienced the strange loud noises she had been awakened by someone shaking her violently. She immediately got out her smudge stick and we proceeded to go through her apartment to cleanse it. We both reported that we instantly felt an lighter more relaxed atmosphere. I spent the night and am very happy to report both my daughter and I had the most peaceful night sleep. Needless t say I went out the next morning and purchased my very own smudge stick. I plan to bring it with me next time I need to stay in a hotel room. Where I had night terrors.
—Guest Brenda

Smudge Stick White Sage

Moving into a new place can be overwhelming not too mention of the place you move to its history. This new place I've just moved to does have a serious history that does not sit with me well at all. It had a very serious fire here and the home was rebuilt on the half in which it was burnt. The previous renter and landlord wont go into detail about the accident if there was one. I've decided to smudge the entire place because of the individual that was in spirit sit next too me, and also several smells, (wont mention) and alarms going off for no reasons. etc. I'm hoping this will solve the problems I'm having and clear this energy that continues to be not were it should be. It has worked before on other situations but not as serious as this. Any other ideas??
—Guest -J9

Why Smudging Works

Smudging Experiences

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