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Readers Respond: Smudging Experiences

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Smudge Away Negative Thoughts

i want to use smudge to get negetive thoughts out of my head without saying them.
—Guest shaneshia

First time smudging

I smudged today for the first time and it left me feeling positive.T he reason I needed change was because I am surrounded by negativity and am totally drained. I will contine with this healing and am positive all will be well soon.
—Guest Louise

To clear negeative energy

I smudge my home, and myself. I work in home care, and I'm around people who are sick, and cling to me emotionally. It's really draining. I come home depressed, and worn out almost all the time. My current patient is extremely negative and causes a lot of stress for her family members, and myself. I find myself bringing this energy home with me, and smudging has been a god send. I smudged my two year old daughter and she always has this huge smile one her face. "Mommy I like it!" she says! I would recommend this to anyone who is dealing with negative people/energy.
—Guest Nicole

To Relieve Nightmares

My father had an old mirror up in the attic and decided to bring it down and put it in my room, immediately I began to have nightmares and begged him to remove the mirror and put it back in the attic. After the mirror was removed from my room I was still plagued my terrible nightmares and I became very angry and irritated. I performed a smudging ritual and it eased my troubled mind. I no longer had the nightmares and I became peaceful again. It was an uplifting feeling, if ever I feel any negative energy within my personal space I smudge and it helps to remind me to relax and stay at ease.
—Guest sidhedraoi


I use smudging to clear out negitive energy when doing healing work. When using smudging I was taught that one does not use one of the other four energies (Air Fire Water Earth) to put out another of the four energies. So I just let it burn down slow when I smudge.

Impephu - African Holy Herb

I used to make a smudge stick from this highly effective herb. Impephu is used to remove lower energies. Commonly only found in areas south of Africa this herb was and still is used by traditional healers throughout South Africa.

Blowing on sage...

I am an American Indian woman, traditional dancer and storyteller. The article on smudging suggested blowing on the burning smudge stick or waving a hand at it to put out the flame. I was taught that one never blows on sacred medicines or sacred fires. Humans are imperfect and it's disrespectful to blow (imperfect breath) at something sacred. We use a feather fan to put out the flame, and then to dissipate the sacred smoke as we smudge.

Mother Nature's Breath

My first experience with smudging is one I will never forget... I had heard about smudging but had never tried it. We had family in the home for the weekend and when they left I felt suffocated with negativity. I noticed even my husband was talking negative. I told him no more talk like this and started smudging the house. I open windows to let Mother Nature's breath come in and help with the cleansing. It was wonderful. I watched skeptically as my husband began speaking more positives tones and the air felt so clear. I lit a white candle and said a positive affirmation. I sat there for awhile with a hot herb tea and relaxed in this fresh and clean home. Now I smudge once a week and notice more positive things happening around me all the time.
—Guest Tarot999

Peace and Contentment

I light a diya and incense sticks in my home which relieves my home of all the negative energies brought in by people. Smudging leaves me in a state of profound peace, contented and completely devoid of any negativity.
—Guest Sonal

Sandalwood Incense

My home is my temple for me, every day after having the whole house washed and cleaned, I light sandalwood incense and a diya. People who enter the house feel good. namaste
—Guest manjeet

Negativity Cleanser

I have two experiences with smudging. The 1st time I practiced smudging was after a hurtful breakup. I lived in a two bedroom apt w/ my partner & she eventually started to sleep in the second bedroom. She moved out abruptly & I never went into the second bedroom b/c the energy in there was heavy and I didn't like the way I felt whenever I stepped into the room. I always kept the door closed so that energy wouldn't travel throughout my apt. One day I went to a local shop here & bought a sage/lavender wand. I smudged each corner repeating a positive affirmation to clear the room. After awhile, I opened both windows in the room to release that energy out of my home. The 2nd time I practiced smudging was when my ex (the same person) came over with her new partner & they spent the night in the very same second bedroom. I was using this room as my Peace/Meditation room. When they left, again, I couldn't enter the room b/c of the heavy, negative energy. Smudging brings Light & Calmness.
—Guest Whyzdm

After the psychic vampires

Imagining the negative energy being carried away in the smoke leaves me calm and centered. I find it particularly effective after being in contact with negative and hostile people.
—Guest Peter

Use Wooden Matches

Smudging works, but you must remember to use wooden matches, your breath, and a sprinkle of water while smudging. I use a large sea shell to smudge, my daughter uses a beautiful rock I found for her in Alaska. Your choice of herbs, grasses should be considered, too. No electric lights on while smudging.
—Guest rebecca

Smudging with Sage Purifies

As Reiki Master and Massage Therapist, I was trained to recognize the negative energies being released from the energy field following the healing treatments. I would bring the client out of the treatment room to a clear area and examine their aura, then smudge up and around the full body aura and then balance areas I could see in the aura as dark spots, empty spaces, and waves of dark energy emanating from their aura that were still releasing energy. After a hug and a blessing I would then go back into the room and clean. Next, using sage to purify above and below the table and treatment room with a blessing and a prayer for purification. I kept an air filter running for a while and sprayed a mist of purified rose water. The pure energy and light in that room was so peaceful and welcoming, that every person who entered there expressed a "wow" as soon as they walked in. I had to give up that office and moved to another state, but am always grateful for the experience of having it.
—Guest Iris Miller

Calm and Peace

Smudging removes the negative energy and makes the room light, devoid of denseness, and the atmosphere very calm and peaceful. It not only quietens your own mind but of anyone entering the house or room that has been smudge.
—Guest Rajiv Kapur

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