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Readers Respond: Getting to Sleep Tips

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Tell about a sleep tip that has worked for you, or try some of the suggested tips mentioned here to assist you into a restful night. Share Your Sleep Tip

White Light Meditation

I am a volunteer in mental health recovery groups and education. A lot of my work/research is done at home due to health limitations. I make time for me and do White light meditation before I retire and time with my Furry companion (Sunshine my cat) and helper/healer. This enables me to be in the present and have peaceful sleep.

Nightly Ritual

My bedroom is dark with no glowing blue or green lights. I also have truly made my bedroom a place of sleep. No tv will be in my bedroom EVER! Also having a nightly ritual to prepare my body for sleep really helps.
—Guest Robin


I have relaxation music that I play softly. I talk to my guides.. higher power.. and tell of all I am grateful for. I take deep relaxing breaths and pray for health, safety. and the Power of Love.

Backward remembering daily activity.

Before retiring to bed, recall all your activities of the day in a backward manner i.e from evening to the morning. In the morning plan or visualize what you need or want to do. This should be in a forward manner. This will provide a better sleep and a better day. A scientific explanation was given in an article.

Avoid Caffeine Late in the Day

I sleep best when I don't drink caffeinated drinks after 7PM.
—Guest Cookie

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Getting to Sleep Tips

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