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Readers Respond: Pros and Cons of Hugging

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From the article: Hugs and Shrugs
Share Posts - Are you a hugger or a shrugger? Share your feelings about hugging others. Do you give as good as you get when exchanging bear hugs? Are you a virtual hugger (((hugs)))? Would you like to tell those hugger-lovers to be more respectful of your personal boundaries? Perhaps a hug from grandma would be appreciated more than her slobbery kisses. Share Your Opinion

Hugs and Shrugs

I enjoy hugging my children. Just that I always have to initiate the hug. Friends are diffrent, I just want to greet verbally. I feel awkward when it comes to friends.
—Guest Theresa

I completely agree!

Not nearly all of use are physically available for such things as hugs. Those less inclined should always be allowed to set the pace. All it requires from the rest of us is remaining aware of the ever present energy around us.
—Guest Chuck Lass, via Facebook

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Pros and Cons of Hugging

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